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As seen with the recent success of the movie Frozen, animated film is still a major drawcard for audiences of all ages. Independent animation GLOW wants to make its mark on an animation-loving world...and blow hearts wide open in the process.

GLOW is currently seeking financial contributions via its Kickstarter campaign. Patrick Cheh (producer) and the team at WakingUp Media have lovingly spent the past four years crafting their vision for GLOW through visuals and storyline, and now they're seeking funds to help make their dream a reality. As Cheh points out: "Kickstarter gives us a chance to develop a community of GLOWERS, and it gives us the unique opportunity to make them a part of the feature in exchange for their support.”

Image courtesy of WakingUp Media
Image courtesy of WakingUp Media

GLOW is the story of Aion from Midaya, a 16 year-old orphan who dreams of getting his big break. But Aion's destiny is far greater than just finding a plum opportunity to make it big: when he meets the lovely Nanda, he finds out that his heart can literally glow. His new-found ability leads him to undertake a secret mission to the land of Dresma to snatch an energy source that could help save the empire. “This feature is a heartwarming tale of a boy named Aion with the greatest power of all: a glowing heart full of love," says Patrick Cheh, "Who could resist falling in love with such a powerful concept?”

The GLOW Kickstarter has a range of delightful perks, including art prints, access to production updates, and GLOW prints. There's also a 1 month internship during production available to three lucky backers!

Want to help make this uplifting and inspirational animation happen? Check out the GLOW website, the GLOW movie Twitter account, and their Facebook page.

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