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Welcome to another Top 10 Countdown created by MoviePilot's most beloved contributor!

Anyway! Guess what, superhero fans!

This time, YOU voted, and I've got to admit that you did not disappoint! Just like I promised, I created the list based on the results of the polls. So, I proudly present to you the Top 10 Scariest Comic Book Villains! But before we begin, here are some rules and details about the countdown.


(1) YOU voted

(2) Characters from the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe

(3) The polls closed on June 28

(4) The previous article is available for you to read. However, you can't vote anymore since this will not change anything!



The origin of the Corps is connected with the death of the Green Lantern villain known as Black Hand! After committing suicide, Black Hand came back from the dead with the help of Scar, an evil Guardian. He obtained the first black power ring for only one purpose: to extinguish all the light with the help of his followers, the Black Lanterns, zombified versions of deceased DC characters. The creator of the rings is an entity called Nekron, who is the embodiment of Death and the real mastermind behind Black Hand’s plan for the destruction of all existing life!

WHY THEY ARE ON THE LIST: The Black Lanterns are powerful living dead creatures. They cannot be defeated without the Green Lantern energy and whoever they kill becomes a Black Lantern, too! In addition to the abilities granted to them by the rings, Black Lanterns retain any superpowers they may have had in life. So, we’re talking about unbeatable superpowered zombies who can basically destroy you no matter how powerful you are! Their true leader, Nekron, is also very powerful, being able to destroy cosmic entities like the First Lantern. Another scary fact about them is their connection to the Book of the Black, a large tome written in corrupted blood by the traitorous Guardian of the Universe Scar, which contains various dark prophesies.


Galactus is one of the most impressive and scary characters in the entire Marvel Universe! He is the only survivor of a universe that existed before the Big Bang. After he tried to sacrifice himself in order to save his world by traveling into the Big Bang's event horizon, he merged with the cosmic entities known as the Sentients of the Universe. Thus, Galactus became a being of pure energy. In order to satisfy his hunger, this alien baddie started feeding with the energy of planets, inhabited and not. Known as the devourer of worlds, Galactus is a threat to every creature in the multiverse!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Despite his weird appearance, Galactus is a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with! Most of the heroes of the Marvel Universe don’t even stand a chance against him, since he is insanely strong and insanely huge. His unlimited power, his overwhelming hunger for destruction, and the fact that he’s nearly unbeatable make him very frightening, earning him a spot on our list!


The Marvel Zombies are the undead versions of superheroes in the Marvel Universe! Unlike the other characters on the list, their story takes place in a parallel universe, on another Earth. The superheroes of this alternate Earth are infected by a mysterious virus, brought by the Sentry, a superhero from another dimension. The infection spreads via contact with the blood of the victim, usually through a bite by an infected individual. As a result, all the heroes of Earth are quickly transformed into cannibals and start feeding with human flesh. After they devoured all non-metahuman human life on Earth, they tried to contact other universes, in order to find food and prey.

WHY THEY ARE ON THE LIST: Zombies are scary, especially the super-powered, dimension traveling ones! The character designs and the artwork of the Marvel Zombies series are really creepy.The stories are full of violence and blood, with characters getting torn apart limb from limb, while some others— the less fortunate-- are eaten alive!


Doomsday was created on Krypton by a prehistoric race of scientists in order to be the ultimate weapon. Unfortunately for them, he escaped and started a rampage across the galaxy! He was finally imprisoned into a metallic casket, which years later crashed on Earth. Doomsday was free to continue his rampage, destroying whole cities and killing everyone—animals and humans—in his path. He even went so far as to defeat the Justice League! When he met Superman, a wild battle began between the two, causing the death of both of them! However, he has a highly accelerated healing factor that allowed him to quickly regenerate from most of the damage.

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Doomsday is the ultimate killing machine and the toughest enemy the Man of Steel has ever faced. His healing factor and his ability to evolve prevent him from being killed twice by the same method. Doomsday lacks any moral sense and is an unstoppable monster! He has defeated many superheroes and super-villains--even Darkseid himself, the master of all evil! He is extremely violent and, unlike many other villains who kill only when it's necessary or when they are amused, he murders anything that finds in his way! Just imagine an evil version of the Hulk... Pretty chilling, right?


At the sixth spot, we’ve got Apocalypse, the oldest and strongest mutant in the X-Men Universe! Originally named En Sabah Nur ("the first one"), Apocalypse's story begins in Akkaba 5000 years ago. Being raised by nomads and abandoned by his real parents due to his skin condition, Apocalypse soon discovered his powers and became a tyrant, ruling his people with an iron fist. As the millennia passed, Apocalypse traveled around the world, posing as a god and convincing more people to follow him. After gathering many acolytes, he spent many years in suspended animation, preparing himself in order to take over the world someday!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Apart from his scary appearance, Apocalypse is a vicious murderer who thinks that only the strong mutants should survive. He’s even capable of genocide! Apocalypse is one of the most powerful enemies the X-Men have ever faced, being able to manipulate matter, teleport and heal himself very quickly. He is also immortal, has psionic powers, a genius-level intellect, and the charisma of a leader, commanding an army of sadistic minions, like the infamous Mister Sinister and his Four Horsemen.


Thanos, also known as The Mad Titan, is the most dangerous and ambitious villain in the Marvel Universe. He was an alien prince and a member of the alien race known as the Deviants. However, he soon became interested in death and destruction, after meeting and falling in love with the embodiment of death (not Nekron, that’s DC), who appeared as a beautiful woman! In the following years, Thanos tried to prove his devotion to her, by killing millions, including his mother. He became obsessed with collecting ancient and mystical artifacts and using them to increase his power. He started a bloody rampage across the galaxy and became an enemy of many heroes like the Avengers, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and many others!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Thanos is a criminal who actually committed genocide, destroying his own race! He was the first being to gather all six Infinity Gems and create the legendary Infinity Gauntlet, obtaining unlimited power. Thanos has superhuman strength, stamina, durability, longevity, and intelligence along with telekinesis, the ability to teleport and energy manipulation, being able to destroy the majority of the Marvel heroes! The creepiest fact about Thanos is his worship and love for Death (does that make him a necrophile?). His undying passion for her gives him the perfect motive to wipe out every living being from existence! I'm not even going talk about the weird love triangle between him, Death and Deadpool...


That’s right, superhero fans! Despite his laughable appearance in Spider-Man 3, Venom made it to the Top 5! The Symbiote is, without a doubt, one of Spider-Man's most recognizable foes. He arrived on Earth from a planet called Battleworld, choosing Spider-Man as his first host. However, after Peter Parker realized that the creature wanted to permanently bond with him, he rejected it. The Venom Symbiote, wanting revenge, found the reporter Eddie Brock, a man who loathed Spider-Man, and together they became Venom! While Eddie Brock wanted to kill Peter, he usually didn't harm innocent lives; he’s not exactly a villain but an antihero. On the other hand, the Symbiote is really evil! It later abandoned its former host and bonded with others, choosing to stay with the villain Scorpion and thus creating a far more brutal and dangerous foe!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: The Symbiote is a true monster, and every version of Venom is a murderer—some of them have also shown signs of cannibalistic behavior! During Brock's more… peaceful run, they killed many thieves, murderers, and criminals. When the Symbiote merged with Angelo Fortunato, they murdered many men in order to get to Spider-Man. When Mac Gargan (the Scorpion) became Venom, the creature that was created was even more ruthless than before! The last Venom was far more powerful and soon became Green Goblin's pawn, serving as an executioner. According to SHIELD, he's considered one of the greatest threats to humanity, alongside Magneto, Doctor Doom, and Red Skull.


Well, we can't have Venom without Carnage! The Carnage Symbiote is the offspring of the Venom Symbiote. The supervillain named Carnage was created when Venom’s child entered Cletus Kasady's bloodstream through a cut and bonded with his blood, transforming him into Carnage! Unlike Brock, Kasady was a serial killer and a maniac and became even more dangerous when he bonded with the offspring. Together they committed dozens of murders and were nearly unstoppable! Carnage is far more powerful and dangerous than his father; he’s Marvel's most infamous serial killer!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Carnage is extremely dangerous. He enjoys killing and he is really good at it! He lacks any moral sense, he feels no remorse, he loves destroying the lives of the others. Carnage has battled many superheroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Cloak and Dagger, Firestar, always rising victorious! The bond between the Symbiote and Kasady is even stronger than Brock's and Venom's, making him even more powerful and dangerous than his father. While Brock didn’t want to kill any innocent bystanders, Carnage doesn’t hesitate and destroys everyone since it means nothing to him!


Darkseid is pure evil! Originally named Uxas, Darkseid is the leader of the planet Apokolips. After killing the Old Gods, Uxas gained incredible power and founded a new order, the New Gods of Apokolips. After becoming in charge of a huge army of malicious beings, Darkseid went on to conquer various planets, extending the borders of his empire!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Darkseid is a god! His powers include super strength, super endurance, immortality, invulnerability, flight and the ability to shoot Omega Beams from his eyes. The Omega Beams can destroy everything they hit, no matter how powerful or resistant it is. Apart from being incredibly powerful, Darkseid is also very ruthless! He destroyed his own homeworld in order to create a planet to rule! He is a conqueror and a dictator, a man who doesn’t value the life of the others. Darkseid kills for pleasure and he doesn’t really care about his followers. He tortures his enemies and he shows no mercy. He is the ultimate threat in the world of DC comics!

Now, some few honorable mentions! Some characters who were very close to getting on the list. (I want to make a special reference to Ultron, who lost the 10th place for only ONE vote!)

Also, I have to admit that I hoped Scarecrow would make the list! Unfortunately, he didn’t get many votes…


Scarecrow (DC Comics)
Scarecrow (DC Comics)
Green Goblin (Marvel Comics)
Green Goblin (Marvel Comics)
Dark Phoenix (Marvel Comics)
Dark Phoenix (Marvel Comics)
Deathstroke (DC Comics)
Deathstroke (DC Comics)
Ultron (Marvel Comics)
Ultron (Marvel Comics)



Was there any doubt? The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, was the character who got the majority of the votes, surpassing Darkseid and the others by far! He’s Batman's nemesis and the creepiest villain in comic book history!

WHY HE IS ON THE LIST: Everything about the Joker is scary... No one really knows who he is; no one knows many details about his past. We don't know much about his family, his job or his life. He is unpredictable and very clever; he’s a master planner! He has a twisted, sick sense of humor and loves to play games with Batman! Mr. J. is one of the most menacing villains in the history of comics, since he managed to hurt his enemy more than every other bad guy ever did. He killed Jason Todd, the second Robin, he left Barbara Gordon paralyzed, he lured the Commissioner’s wife into a trap and killed her, he kidnapped the entire Bat-Family and threatened to cut their faces off! The Joker truly is Batman's greatest adversary, and the perfect candidate for the number #1 spot!

So... my work here is done. Now, Gotham needs me!

I want to thank the magnificent people who voted! This was created thanks to you!! And thanks to all the readers for reading and commenting!

I hope you enjoyed it! Are you satisfied with the results? Does the Joker deserve the first place? What are your thoughts on the Countdown? Comment below and let me know!!


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