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I am remember studying this film 3 years when i first started University. American Beauty (Directed by Sam Mendes) is a remarkable film about a man who is going through some trouble in his life and recently starts to fall apart.

Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) is going through some mid-life crises where his family and work life fall apart. His wife ends up cheating on him, his daughter won't speak to him and work are trying to cut costs by letting go of some people. And in all this Lester becomes infatuated with his daughters friend Angela. We meet different characters through out the film such as the new neighbours and two homosexual neighbours who already live in the area. In the end Lester Burnham gets shot and he gets shot by his new neighbour who is against homosexuality. You'll understand why he shot him when you watch the film.

America Beauty represents suburban life in America. We see at the very beginning of the film when Lester is narrating about his life and where he lives. We see his wife cutting roses in the front yard. We see their house thats white with a red door and blue shutters on the window. Creating an image of an American flag roses, colours white, blue and red a next door neighbour who's a Colonel and a film which shows homosexuality. This film references a lot of images and displays them differently. Expressing emotions, love and anger in different ways. Not to express and emphasise on the specific colour RED with roses. RED could mean so many things. Love, hate, anger and blood.

I highly recommend this film a watch if you have not done already or if you have so then why not re-watch it if you didn't notice these references.

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