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We have seen many many articles describing the actions taken by superman as unheroic, not superman, and violent.

First off a quick list:

1. This is the mans first day on the job. Look at Thor in the first fim, he is brash arrogant, and not very likable. Ovr the course of the film we see him change. Superman dons the cape and is confronted with the possible destruction of his planet.

2. Zod stats in [Man of Steel](movie:15593) he has trained to defend Krypton, when Superman destroys the Genesis Chamber, he has lost the last traces of Krypton and the world. As real world events show fanatics and zealots can not be reasoned and in such have commited many horrible acts in their path they made. Superman tells Zod its over. Zod then attacks him and throw him threw dozens of buildings, it is clear it is very one sided as we see the fight turn more and more in zods favor as his powers develop. in the climax of the fight Zod announces he will not stop til every human is dead. Superman knows this to be true as he goes to kill a family...superman then decides to finish zod and snaps his neck.

While many saw this as murder, stop and think. A man who announces he will kill every human, murder them, stop at nothing to get what he it murder? Iron man killed many of the extrmis soldiers in [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) including blasting one threw the heart. Was it murder or duty as he was trying to save the hostages? Thor killed many dark elves who were attacking earth, was that murder? Hulk killed many us soldiers in his rage in the hulk movies....murder? Aliens are invading New York and the avengers killed many, esspecially when the worm hole was closed. HOW IS THAT NOT MURDER, but killing a mad man who has stated several times he will kill all humans murder. Does the end result really change because the hero does?

This i feel will be a HUGE after effect of Man of Steel. Clark/Superman made a tough choice that many heroes have made, take a life or spare it...he gives Zod that choice before Zod attacks, asking him to leave earth.

In the aftermath of Metropolis we see the government is trying to spy on Superman. This could lead the way for many Government organisations to be formed in order to monitor and if need be detain metahumans, aliens, or others.

Here are a list of several agencies that could after Man of Steel be formed and have a home in the DCCU.

1. Checkmate

The agency has had a long history in the comics. Set up intially as a part of Task Force X, Sucide Squad, by Amanda Waller the agency has since become much more. Set as a United Nations security force with the Black (the ops) adn the White (intel) set around a chess motif with kings, queens, bishops, rooks, pawns, and knights. Several of the most powerful people of ben members or founders, including a rumored villian Maxwell Lord.

2. D.E.O

Department of Extranormal Operations

The DEO is a very mysterious agency set up to monitor metahumans. Fist appearing in the late 90's, the agency has had its share of good and bad press in the comics. The DEO had an apperance in the 2011 Green lantern film in which Amanda Waller was a member. The agency in the comics is head by Director Mr. Bones, a reformed supervillian who is tasked to monitor the superpowered beings and proect the general public. Agents have inluded Batwoman and Diana Prince...this is why i think DEO could have a precence in the DCCU, in the smallville comics sh is a mamber along with their leader Steve Trevor.

3. A.R.G.U.S

A new agency deveopled in New 52 after the invasion of Darkseid. The organisation is headed by Steve Trevor and Amander Waller. The organisation is said to be a support to Justice League as well as assist them in contain and combating the growing threat of Supervillians and the explotation of metahumans. This organisation has be set up with a secondary goal set by the US president, if need be take out the [Justice League](movie:401267). With several links to the Supernateral and magical world of DC, ARGUS has several divisions among them. The Black Room houses and studies magical artifects, The Red Room, studies advanced technology used by aliens, as well as many villians and heroes, The Circus is an interdimensinal Prison set to hold offenders. As well as the Green room, a super safe house.

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There are many other organisations but these three can play an interesting role in film.


Now i have addressed the agencies lets look at what we know so far about the DCCU.

Superman is no out in the open and accoriding to rumors active for the last 2 yrs. The city has dedicated a statue in his honor, but some feel that it is distastfull and vandlize it. We know that a huge military scene was filmed as well as scenes at LexCorp.

Heroes: Batman

Batman has been lurking in Gotham city and is described as a tired and weary bat who has been a seasoned vigilante. How much of a hero the bat is is unknown.

[Wonder Woman](movie:45787)

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, is also present. Her invovlment in the upcoming film is a mystery.


RAy Fisher has been cast to play Vic Stone, a young man who is in a tragic accident and is turned into the superteen Cyborg.


Arthur Curry, Orin, Aquaman, call him what you will he is the king of Atlantis, has been rumored to been cast. His role is also a mystery.


A convenice stor robbrey is said to be foiled by a red and yellow blur....details stll unknown

Green Lantern

No current rumors support an aperance by Green lantern in the upcoming film.


Who else could we see?


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