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My number one hope is that Lydia can learn how to use these Banshee powers. My biggest issue with the show is the several people who mention Banshees like its yesterday's news, do not help Lydia at all. We all know Peter is awful, so I do not expect good things from him, but the others. Really? Kira's mom offhandedly mentions evil Stiles wanting "the power of a Banshee" without providing any help to Scott. That is just one example. I do not expect all these people to train her, but give her a little info at least. Anyway, I have read articles saying Lydia's romantic life will take a backseat to her focusing on her Banshee abilities, which is great. Although I have also read Meredith, you know the girl from the mental institution, is coming back. You spend 3B giving Lydia no help and then decide Meredith of all people will help her? Yup that's reassuring for her.


I think this is Danny's time. Although I hope he is not actually the Benefactor I have read about, I hope he gets involved more. For three seasons he has sat on the sidelines being used as a tiny piece in several story arcs, but who is Danny? We do not know much about him and if he knows about werewolves he could just be involved more in the social aspect of the pack. I'm not saying make story arcs about him, but he could stand to get more involved. Also now viewers have to know he figured it out. With the cast changes and the reintroduction of Kate, a conversation between Scott and Danny about how he figured it all out could be a nice refresher without long time fans getting irritated by this type of cold open.

Kira & Malia

I like what I have seen so far from both these characters. There is potential for the female pack members to bond over a common theme. Lydia has her banshee powers as I mentioned above. Kira should also be learning more about her powers this season if she has not already between seasons. Malia will learn how to interact as a human after spending all those years as a coyote.

For Kira specifically I want to see how she fits with the rest of the characters. I get her relationship with Scott obviously, but since Allison's death is gonna put them in a holding pattern she is going to have to interact with other people. I have read the girls will be working together, so maybe that will be enough for this season. I just want to see how well having Kira on the show without her mythology being the focus will work. The characters the show focuses on either leave or die, so this will be a first.


Now this is what I am interested in seeing. I am a firm believer that Peter is the endgame of the show. His character is playing the long game and while this season Malia will learn how to be human she will also be part of his plan. I just want to know when he is going to start making some bigger moves. He has Talia's claws now and it seems hiding the fact that Malia is his daughter was a big deal.


So what is he? This secret should definitely be part of this season with the Benefactor. His name could be on the list, he could help Scott's pact or he could just be killed by the Benefactor. My money is on the first one. Either someone goes after him on behalf of the Benefactor or his name is on a list somewhere that someone in Scott's pack finds. Either way WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY? Remember "something drew" him to Beacon Hills.


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