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The last DC related article I made was about the villains I would have for original trilogy for the Justice League:

'Justice League Villains'

I'm making this article because of Antonio Hamilton. He wanted to know what I would put between the Justice League movies. So, here is part 1 because this would be a never ending article.


1) All rumors are involved in this multi-part article.

2) I'm writing these with a shared universe in mind with 'Arrow' & 'The Flash'. Not 'Gotham' & [Constantine](movie:874314).

3) I will be taking suggestions from the comments section to adapt (I might change things completely, so stay tune) to the list.

4) I will give my opinion on what DC properties could be brought to TV. Meaning, these articles will feature both TV & movie properties.

5) For the projects that are already out or almost completed, I won't say anything about. If you want me to give you my opinion on the projects, let me know.

6) My main focus will be on the properties that I think will be connected with the Justice League. So, 'Fables', 'Sandman', '100 Bullets', 'Metal Men' & 'Scooby-Doo' won't get heavily talked about. They will be on this list though.

7) There may or may not be inappropriate language thrown around. So, if you are easily offended, you might want to turn away.

8) Continuing from Rule #4, the TV properties will be featured in another solo article reaching all the way to 2024. The same goes for the movies (reaching till 2024).

9) Every year will feature 3 DC related movies with the rumored May, July, December outline til 2024.

Let's continue the article with DC Phase 1!


June - [Man of Steel](movie:15593)


May - 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

For this movie, I might make another article to give everything I hope for for this movie.

Here comes the rumor movies!

July - [Shazam](movie:738107)

So, I did make a minimal cast for the movie;


Channing Tatum. We know that Billy Batson is around the age of 13, which, by the average pre-teen, kinda means he is immature. We have seen Channing play immature through the comedies he has been in so continuing to play an immature-ish pre-teen/teen shouldn't be too hard. I believe he has the right acting ability & physical look to stand toe-to-toe with someone like Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck. Even Gal Gadot.

And of course, the villain:

Black Adam! And who did I pick to play such a powerful foe?...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! Was this really that hard to pick? I'm pretty sure WB isn't gonna miss an opportunity to nab one of Hollyhood's biggest guys right now. Also, I don't think I need to give my reason for picking Dwayne, do I? Onto the next project!

December - [Sandman](movie:401054)


May - 'Justice League'

Note: Link at beginning of article.

Phase 2

July - 'Amazon Princess'

I do have a pick of the [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) costume I would like to see be adapted;

Wonder Woman #601
Wonder Woman #601

With a mix of this;

Wonder Woman Art by Kris Anka
Wonder Woman Art by Kris Anka

Take the crown, jacket & tight pants from #601 & take the chestplate, skirt, armsleeves & boots design from Kris's artwork, & you got me!

After hours of thinking, I did pick my first Wonder Woman villain;

Ares. I would want this movie to take some things from the animated movie but not the whole thing. I would have it where Diana is back on Themyscira helping rebuild after the effects of [Justice League](movie:401267). During the events of JL, Ares is accidentally released out of Amazonian custody. Steve Trevor crash lands right by Ares former jail cell. Queen Hippolyta (played by Lynda Carter) sends Diana out to receive Ares & bring back the man. All sorts of shit happens. Diana kicks Ares ass. Ares fails to rule the Earth again. All's well. Post-credit scene shows a man sitting in a throne watching the flames in front of him when, speaking out loud to himself, says, "Poor nephew. You failed once again." This hints at another movie in this list, but I'll get to that later.

December - 'Flash/Green Lantern'

Rumor has it that this could end up being a CW TV movie so I cast Hal Jordan Green Lantern because of already HUGE hints/Easter eggs towards Hal in 'Arrow' & 'The Flash'. I looked at different TV/movie actors for this role & no I did not pick Nathan Fillion.

Scott Speedman. A lot of us might remember Scott from 'Underworld' as Michael. It might just be me but I really liked Scott's performances in the franchise. Scott is 38 going to be 39 in September 2014. So, by the time this gets out to the public, Scott will be 42; right around the same age Hal Jordan was when the original Justice League of America comics came out. I picked a costume out like Wonder Woman;

I got this from Injustice & I think it would work if it looked somewhat like a mixture of Arrow's & Flash's costumes. A little leather-y but more armor-esque like the concept art, like this:

And for more fun, I even cast John Stewart;

Omari Hardwick. Now, he wouldn't be able to do a lot of TV series do to his new show on STARZ 'Power' (). But back to the point. Omari is a very talented actor with a physique made for action. I have always seen John Stewart being brought into this universe through 'Arrow' as an old buddy Diggle met through a veteran support group. I don't care if Stewart would have his ring by then or not, but that is how I could see it happening.


May - 'Man of Tomorrow' (Man of Steel 2)

As you can see, this movie will introduce Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. And yes, Chloe Grace Moretz is my current pick for Supergirl. I think we can all agree that she is a talented young actress & can kick some major ass here & there. I think the idea of Chloe as Kara is very intriguing to almost anyone. For her costume;

It's not too revealing, not too far off believable either. Looks similar enough to Henry Cavill's Superman suit that we can tell she has something to do with Superman. As for the main villain;

Lex Luthor. I'm excited to see Jesse Eisenberg play Lex Luthor. And I'm one of the few that are excited. Of course the Mech Suit will be a part of the movie.

The design (if I were in charge) would be like this suit above; slik, not overly bulky. I would darken the colors to more like the Injustice version;

The colors from Injustice can definitely work in the overall DCCU. The only thing I want in this movie is during the final battle, Lex catches both Clark & Kara mid-flight charging at him by the throat & saying something close to what Lex said in the DC Online Trailer, "Beaten by a mere man."

Now, here comes some movies that are not a part of the rumored movie plan.

July - 'King of Atlantis'

I'm with the 99% on this subject. If we don't get an Aquaman movie, I'mma be uber-pissed. We already have our Arthur Curry in Jason Mamoa. So, that is done. Lets talk costume! I want something that resembles the old-fashion suit from back in the day but so far away that fish-talking jokes are close to non-existent. So, I think it's safe to assume that a lot of people want something close to the Injustice outfit but I want something a little more practical in my opinion;

I would take the Trident & scales-look of the shirt from the New 52, add on...

the cape from this fan-made artwork, all brought together with the Young Justice look;

I know it's a little far-fetched but it is pretty practical for the King.

I decided on Ocean Master as the first villain of this trilogy;

With the backstory of Orm Marius/Ocean Master being Orin/Aquaman's half-brother, I would have the movie introduce Orm like Orm's Pre-Crisis days in the comics, unknown to Orin at the time, Orm is a high-tech pirate causing disasters all over the ocean. Orm would be doing this in hopes that "the pirate" kills Orin so he can assume the throne of Atlantis. I did some fancast research cause I'm not a huge fan of Aquaman but still a fan, so I went with an actor that looks the part &, out of context, seems like he can play the part,

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I really like Nikolaj's acting. I've mainly seen Nikolaj in 'Game of Thrones' like a lot of others. He is very charismatic, he has a very strong, bold man look that I feel is just right for a character like Orm Marius.

December - 'Scooby Doo'


May - 'Caped Crusader'

I'm ending this part of this list here. The next part will be from July 2019 to December 2024 to end the second part of this multi-part article. To continue with 'Caped Crusader', We got our Batman, but who else will be in it? Of course Alfred will be in it cause Alfred. I would have a cameo from Nightwing, I would also have Barbara Gordon/Oracle in the movie as the brains-of-the-operation behind most of the knowledge that Batfleck has. Those castings will be in another article (part 3 of this article). Lets talk the main badie for the film, shall we?

Dr. Victor Fries. Mr. Freeze for short! I wanted to make this Bat-trilogy to have powers to help separate this from the Nolan-trilogy. I did cast Victor with an actor that I'm sure people know;

Julian McMahon. Mainly known to the comic book world as Dr. Victor Von Doom. I know some people hated the Fantastic Four movies Fox made the during the 2000s but, in my opinion, Julian did an amazing job as Victor (Von Doom). Julian has great talent and deserves another shot at the comic book world.

Well, that's the first part of my list... Or is it? Yes! There is still more! Barbara isn't the only Bat-female making an appearance in this movie!

Katherine "Kate" Kane, aka Batwoman! Why not give Bruce a physical obstacle to over come? Both the Bat & Freeze? Sign my ass up! I can see Bruce full out Batman-ing () some dude when all of a sudden, Kate comes flying in kicking more ass than Bruce just moments before. Plus, having Kate brought to live-action means we can finally get a gay superhero some real attention. Not saying comic companies don't give enough attention to their gay characters but they don't give them the focus they deserve. I can't be the only one that thinks Kate is a great character? I did cast Kate with a woman that I think has exactly what it takes to be the female Bats;

Evan Rachel Wood. Evan has the look, talent & experience with playing a gay character. That's the trifecta (did I spell that right?)! Evan is a great actress. Like a lot of actors, I have not seen a role of hers that I was disappointed with.

That is the end of part 1. Part 2 will come out soon. And by soon I mean probably 2.5 weeks cause this one took close to forever to make. Let me know what you think down in the comments! If you want anymore of my thoughts on anyone of these movies or have ideas of movies that should be in the next part of the list, let me know!


Which of the rumored movies do you want to see most?


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