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With recent rumors pointting to Holly Hunter playing a Senator and Tao Okamoto playing Mercy Graves that leaves one top billing cast memeber to speculate on.

Who is Callan Mulvey playing?

Rumors of heroes and villians have been thrown around but i want to think he may be a character unknown to many main streamers.

1. Metallo

While his apperance has changed from time to time the character Metallo has not. His most recent incarnation John Corben, a military man who volentered for project a super soldier program set up by General Lane and funded by LexCorp to creat a weapon to fight Superman. His heart stops and is then taken over by Brainiac. at the end he is given a kryptonite heart to power his body. Metallo is a dangrous villian to face as he can weaken suprman quite easily. He can be a military experiment and by the end if kryptionite is introdued we can have a very easy way to have superman need help to fight him.

2. Parasite

A being whose origin has shifted from lab accident to getting caught in the crossfire between a battle between superman and a villian. Parasite has the ablity to absorb powers and energy from those he feeds on. A cool scene could be Superman fighting him an getting his powers absorbed. Superman then goes to Gotham to recuit help from Batman when the bat pounces. Later Batman and Wonder Woman appear to assist the weakened Superman. Even more sinster would have Parasite be an escape from LexCorp after Lex experiments on him.

3. Atomic Skull

Exposed to RAdiation, perhaps from the gravity eapon used in Man of Steel, Albert Michaels a scientist at STAR Labs develops the ablity to emite radiation from his body. The heat and radiation revels his glowing radioactive skull. This could be a cool choice because off how dangerous the power is. With the amount of radiation he emits he could be a real thrat to all including Superman. Also more effects from the Kryptonian invasion, what other villains could have manifested powers dureing the fight over Metropolis.

4. Mongul

The Lord of Warworld, Mongul has been an enemy of the Justic League and Superman for decades. He can link to the artifical planet and rules a destructive planrt sized weapon. In the comics he kidnaps Lois, jimmy olsen, and steve lombard as hostages to get the key to Warworld. While it could be a fun vilian i dont know how he could be introduced.

5. Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf after he kills Wonder Woman in Earth 2
Steppenwolf after he kills Wonder Woman in Earth 2

Steppenwolf, one of Darkseids elite Generals. Steppenwolf weilds many ablities as one o the NEw Gods, he is a master stratigist an weapon user. He commands hordes of Parademons in the Name of Darkseid. AS a new god he is immortal, he could be a connection to Darkseid and begin an invasion that could cause the justice league to come together.

Others have named The Joker, Doomsday, or Lobo as Mulveys role.


Who Do you think Callan Mulvey Is Playing in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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