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Hey guys, we all love villains don't we? Particular in the film genre. I just came up with my personal favorite movie villains of all time. A few things need to be said. I don't have any comic book movie villains on my list because there are so many I'd feel bad if I left any out. Anyway, this is just my opinion so if you disagree, please be respectful. I also didn't include any comedy genre villains. Again, just too many. One character per series. The only one that gets a pass is Die Hard. I have the Gruber brothers on the list, they are a must have.

The List!

#20 Saruman - Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Well first of all, you knew he had to be on here because it's Christopher freakin' Lee. He really steals the show in all three movies and he's a great villain. One of Lee's best villain roles ever. His voice and terrifying presence makes him a great baddie.

#19 Scar - The Lion King (1994)

The sinister evil lion genius Scar himself. He's also voiced by British actor Jeremy Irons who is legend. He's willing to kill his own brother in order to become king. Talk about twisted. Even though he doesn't intimidate me, I still gotta love him for how evil he is.

#18 Sid Phillips - Toy Story (1996).

Reason: Pixar's first villain and the first villain that I actually feel intimated by. Why? Because he's a pyschopath/sociopath who commits genocide against toys. He like to kill his victims by torturing them. A good example would be blowing them up or just torturing them until they're dead. Now that's scary. Thank god he's not my neighbor and thank god I'm not a toy.

#17 Judge Claude Frollo - Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996).

Reason: The second and the first "official Disney" that I'm intimidated by. Like Sid from Toy Story he commits genocide and kills his victims by torturing them. This time they're actually humans and they're gypsies. He kills Quisimodo's mother and lies to the poor hunchback by manipulating him. He's an actual sociopath/pyschopath. He's an evil judge who long purges Vice And Sin. He even sexually harasses Esmerelda and lusts for her. He tries to make her an offer she can't refuse. Either be with him or burn in hell. Now that's frightening.

He also has my favorite villain song from Disney.....

#16 Warden Norton - The Shawshank Redemption (1994).

Reason: Well this guy is lying manipulative son of bitch. He pretends to be nice to Andy and tortures him and his friends to make his life a living hell. Need I say more?

#15 Amon Goeth - Schindler's List (1993).

Reason: Ooh boy this one ruthless man. He's a Nazi who was a real person. Nuff said.

#14 William Tavington - The Patriot (2001).

Reason: First of all this my favorite Jason Isaacs performance. He's such a dick and a sinister creature. He burns down houses filled with innocents inside. He will do by any means necessary to win the war by all cost. I don't know about you but this seems like on ominous character. I think I'll end it here.

#13 Castor Troy (John Travolta) - Face/Off (1997).

Reason: I did like Nic Cage, but he never really scared. Travolta as Troy actually intimated me. But he does have a lot of fun. Kind of reminds me of The Joker a little bit. He's funny and creepy at the same time and like almost every villain should be.

#12 Norman Stansfield - The Professional (1994).

Reason: My favorite performance by Gary Oldman. "Trust me everyone love Gary Oldman". "What do you mean everyone?" "EVERYONE"!!!!! LOL. He's creepy and twisted as hell. I'll leave it at that.

#11 Pinhead - Hellraiser (1987).

Reason: This guy is brutal. He's will kill and torture anyone who gets in his way. This guy tragic but ruthless at the same time. Becareful he might tear your soul apart.

#10 Hannibal Lecter - Silence Of The Lambs (1991).

Reason: I don't need to explain. I know he's been done a lot, but I had to put him on the list. He likes to liver with farber beans and candy.

#9 Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984).

Reason: I mean come on. This guy haunts people's dreams. Plus he's played by the amazing Robert Englund. I mean he's all deformed and he has a claw to stab people with claws. Talk about terrifying.

#8 Pennywise The Clown - It (1990).

Reason: Do I really need to expain? This what made people scared of clowns. Be careful of clowns kids.

#7 The T-1000 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1992).

Reason: This guy was way better than villain than Arnold. No offense to all Arnie fans. He's creepy, slick, suave and dangerous. I mean he will do whatever takes to kill John Connor and just doesn't give up. Plus he's very hard to defeat. I would be careful if I were you.

#6 Clarence Boddicker - Robocop (1987).

Reason: This guy is also the father of Eric Forman on That 70s Show FYI. Here he plays a drug lord cop killer. This guy just doesn't get along with law does he? I mean he tortures Alex Murphy by shooting to death and is responsible for turning poor Murphy into a machine. Also you wanna party with him and also want Robocop to kick his punk ass.

#5 Hans Gruber - Die Hard (1988).

Reason: You gotta love this guy. In my opinion Alan Rickman's best role. Every time I think of Alan Rickman, I always think of Hans Gruber. It's that good of a performance. He's cold, smart, good at lying, manipulative and sociopathic. I mean he's almost like Osma Bin Laden in movies. You gotta love his voice.

#4 Agent Smith - The Matrix (1999).

Note: 2&3 Don't exist.

Reason: Well this guy is just a bad ass. He's evil, creepy, smart and highly intelligent and ruthless. He can totally kick your ass with martial arts skills. Plus he can also find your personal business, he will search for you, find you until you're dead. I mean this guy will hunt you down.

#3 Khan Noonien Singh - Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982).

Reason: KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Khan is cold ruthless, cunning and has so much charisma. I'll be damned that Khan is one of the coolest villains out there. He will never give up his plan until it succeeds. He just never surrenders does he? The ultimate Star Trek villain of all time.

#2 Darth Vader - Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi (1983).

Note: Screw Anakin Skywalker. I'm talking about Darth Vader.

Reason: I know Palpatine/Sidious is supposed to the ultimate villain of Star Wars but I consider him more of a background villain. But how ever Lord Vader here is a little more memorable. The breathing noise, the costume, red lightsaber, Vader just screams evil. He even has based called the death star. Darth Vader in book is the Dark Lord Of The Sith.

#1 John Doe - Se7en (1996).

Reason: This one baddie that scares the living crap out of me. He's sick, twisted and he tortures and kills his victims in many vicious ways. He will do what ever is necessary to correspond the seven deadly sins. He's smart, cold, creepy and scary and someone who I wouldn't wanna run in a dark alley with. What's even scarier is that he really believes he's doing the right thing. Even though he dies, he actually wins and succeeds at his master plan. If you see the movie you know what i'm talking about.

What are your top 20 favorite villains. What are some bad guys that you wouldn't wanna run intoComment below let me know. I'll catch you guys later.


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