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I'll be honest, as soon as I saw the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow I zoned out. It felt like I'd seen it all before and seen Tom Cruise in this role numerous times. And I'm not the only one who felt this way as the film disappointed at the box office.

The reason why I ended up seeing the film was because of the good word of mouth it has generated since it's release. I've now seen and read multiple reviews praising it.

The film is set in what appears to be some near future and earth has been invaded by robotic reptilian aliens. Tom Cruise is a PR man for the human war effort against the aliens and as such has never been in combat. He is then railroaded into fighting on the front line and is scheduled to invade France in scenes evoking the D-day landings.

Cruise is inexperienced and is soon killed only to wake up again and find that he relives the same day. Once again he is on the beaches of France and once again he is killed. He realizes he is in a time loop and finds the one other person who can understand his predicament; super soldier Emily Blunt.

Together they relive that same day over and over again. Blunt trains Cruise until his skills match hers and the pair get closer and closer to defeating the alien race and it feels as if they are in a video game.

The film's story is in between Groundhog Day and Source Code and although the plot isn't wholly original it's still interesting. I was glad to see that the film didn't compromise in showing us the repetitions over and over again, they managed to keep the scenes fresh mainly because every time we are allowed to go a little further. The pacing and editing are kept very tight.

I was excited to see the battle armour in this film. Cruise and his fellow soldiers fight in exoskeletons that reflect what the military are developing today to produce super soldiers in the future. It was a nice touch.

The film is based on a Japanese young adult novel called All You Need is Kill. The title of the film was changed because the studio found there was a negative response to the world kill in the title. It took a while for the film to get off the ground and there were a number screenwriters whose hands the script went through.

Cruise was great in the film. I've always been a fan as I think of him as the ultimate movie star. People have complained that he's too old to play the role which I think is silly as I'd much prefer to see an older Tom Cruise than no Tom Cruise at all. He's in great shape and performs his own stunts so as long as he can continue to pull it off I'll be happy to watch him.

People have also commented that the film is progressive in portraying females because of Blunt's character. I think Hollywood is backward in portraying females so I'm not going to agree that putting a female soldier who is good at her job is that progressive. There are countless of other films where we have competent female characters and this is not ground breaking. It's reminds me of Bond girls who claim their characters do much for feminism every time there is a new Bond film out. Uh - not really, a true win for feminism would be a female Bond.

There are a couple of fairly big compromises in the film. The first being a slightly romantic relationship developing between Cruise and Blunt when throughout the film they have been platonic. And the bigger compromise is the ending that doesn't stack up with the logic that we have been told so far. I understand the reasons behind these compromises could be business decisions but it does make me wonder which part of the audience the studios deem so unsophisticated that they need a forced romance and an illogical ending?

By and large the reviews for this film has been very positive and with DVD sales factored in the film may just be able to break even. I definitely do not think it is ground breaking - there has been a lot of gushing over the film and while it's good, it's still not Source Code or Groundhog Day so I want to keep things in perspective. But if you're into sci fi and looking for a few explosions this is the way to go.


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