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Léon is an amazing action film about a Hit-man who ends up taking care of a girl who's parents were killed in a police raid by the DEA. It's a story about Mathilda (Natalie Portman) wanting to get revenge at the people who killed her family mainly because of her little brother. She asks Léon (Jean Reno) to help her learn how to 'clean' in other words become an assassin. She also ends up falling in love with Léon.

This film is one of my favourites as it's just a good action film and is funny at times when it's not meant to be and also at times when it is meant to be. The film has some great shots, high and low angles with in and out of focus scenes. You also have shots which are dark and the light is only focused on the character, for example right at the beginning of the film when Léon goes after a man and comes at him from behind with a knife.

I recommend this film a watch if you haven't already. Very interesting, enjoyable and let's not forget we also have Gary Oldman starring in the film!

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