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Tony Moran was the face of Michael Myers in John Carpenter's "Halloween". We caught up with him for a chat about those days and what he's been up to since.

The Movie Waffler: We're actually an Irish based site and with a surname like Moran you must have some Irish roots?

Tony Moran: Yes indeed I do and I've always wanted to get to Ireland.

TMW: We don't really have horror conventions over here unfortunately so maybe someone should set one up and get you to come over.

TM: Really? They do 'em in Germany...

TMW: Yeah it's a huge thing everywhere, it's massive in the U.K but not over here sadly.

TM: I've been to Germany for one but not England.

TMW: Somebody needs to set one up in Dublin.

TM: Yeah, I would dig that a lot, that would be so much fun.

TMW: You're the brother of Erin Moran (Joanie from "Happy Days"), is that right?

TM: I'm her older brother, four years older.

TMW: Which of you got the acting bug first?

TM: You know, she kind of did it first but let me tell you what happened. My parents threw a Christmas party one year when I was nine and Erin was five, and an agent happened to show up with a friend of my parents. This agent took a look at me and Erin and said we should be in film and TV. So she became our agent and actually our first jobs were together. We played a brother and sister on a commercial for a bank. There was a very famous commercial director at the time named Lee Lacey and he was famous because he did really big budget commercials back then. One of the scenes was Erin and I going down a hill of snow on a toboggan and he flew us to four different states to get the right hill. After that I was old enough to tell my parents "I ain't doing this any more", because we were freezing and stuff, they didn't give us any protective clothing or anything. But Erin was too small to know any better so she kept on going and I quit. She stayed with that same agent for years and years. By the time I was nineteen the agent had been asking me every year to get back into it so I finally did. I took some acting workshops and things like that.

TMW: You made appearances on "CHIPS" and "The Waltons" in the seventies...

TM: I played a bad boy in "The Waltons" and a cop on "CHIPS". I did "Hart to Hart", "California Fever", "James at 15", "James at 16" and some soap operas.

TMW: How did shooting a TV show compare to a movie?

TM: TV was way more organized and professional than the likes of "Halloween". I had way more fun on "Halloween" even though it was low budget and not a studio production.

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