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Pretense: Live-action superhero TV shows have long been in existence ever sine Lou Ferrigno took up the mantle of Bruce Banner, and even before. With the recent revival in superhero interest, superpowers on the small screen will be looking better than ever before

With the recent success of the first season of Marvel's Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d, as well as the success of the show Arrow, and plans for upcoming superhero shows, things are looking up for live-action superhumans being brought onto the small screen. I am very excited for what the future holds.

Lets take a look.


For starters, HEROES. Heroes was a TV show on NBC that ran from 2006 to 2010. In my opinion, it was simply awesome. It spawned a weekly comic book, webisodes, and games. The reason I bring it up is because they have recently announced a REVIVAL (!) of the show for 2015 and it is set to contain 13 episodes. I am really excited and I feel this couldn't have happened sooner. It honestly came as a real surprise to me and i can't wait to see what they come up with.

Their website is here:

The Flash

Next up, is The Flash which is supposed to premiere this Fall and is a spin-off of the generally well received show Arrow, based on the DC comic book character Green Arrow. I am excited for this show for a few reasons. The main one is with this addition to DC's cinematic universe, as long as these 2 shows are in the same reality as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, we will be looking at an extremely formidable lineup when the Justice League Movie comes out. While I am skeptical about if this show will work in the long term, and whether or not it will be a profitable venture for The CW, I am confident that the actor will at least go on to play Flash in any future Justice League-related movies


Something I am even more curious to see, and will definitely be watching is an upcoming Fox show called "Gotham". It is basically about the city Gotham before Batman became Batman. Now I know you're already thinking there is no reason to give a damn about this show, but just wait. It is a must-see for a few reasons

- First, seeing as they are skipping a batman origin movie this time around and going straight to a Man of Steel crossover, it will be useful to see Bruce Wayne in his childhood.

- In addition, the series will be showing the origin stories of some prominent Batman villains, most notably, the Joker. For the same reason as the first, this show can be the essential next step before viewing the upcoming Batman v Superman movie.

I see this show as, it is to Batman what Smallville is to Superman.

The show is going to center around the Gotham Police Force and I highly look forward to watching it.


I'd just like to interject a few side-notes here.

First, I really like how Marvel and DC are looking long term.

Secondly, in lieu of the long on-again-off-again Deadpool movie, I'd at least like to see a live-action Deadpool show. What do you guys think?


Marvel + NETFLIX

In case you hadn't heard, Marvel is partnering up with Netflix for a total of 5 superhero live action shows. Currently a Daredevil show is in development and they are working on scripts for the other shows.. Now i have no idea how it will turn out, but i have to say, I'm really excited, because all these superheroes will ultimately form the superhero team The Defenders--which Hulk has been a member of for much of comic history. Dr.Strange is a founding member, and coincidentally enough, a Dr.Strange movie remake is in the works and will definitely be out in the near future. So who knows? Marvel might have another superhero team other than the avengers hitting the silver screen within the next 5 years.


Finally, there is even talk that a X-men live action TV show might be in the works. Fox owns the rights to both X-men and Fantastic Four, so it'll be interesting to see some crossover action there.

Hope you enjoyed reading

-Ethan Yakhin


Which one of these shows are you more excited for?


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