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Welcome to the first instalment of ‘The Week in Geek’, here you will find a weekly round up of all things rumoured, confirmed, and speculated this week. There may be mild spoilers ahead so proceed with caution!

First up let’s talk about the latest rumour going around,

Super Nova!

Earlier this week we started hearing rumours that Richard Rider (Nova) will appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy post credits scene. It’s certainly a plausible rumour, with the Nova Corps seeming to have a fair amount of presence in the movie.

Here’s the really interesting bit, remember when Nathan Fillion was rumoured to have filmed a part for Guardians a month or so ago? One reporter speculated this was the part he was filming. This idea quickly started to spread as a rumour, prompting a denial by director James Gunn on twitter. He did however, confirm Fillion has filmed a small cameo for the movie.

Many rumours are categorically denied by studios only to end up being confirmed later down the line, so watch this space for future updates.

Wham, Bam, Aquaman!

Once again the rumour of Game of Thrones’ actor Jason Momoa surfaced only this time they seemed to have more weight behind them. The actor appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he was asked outright about whether he would be playing Aquaman.

His response?

“that’d be pretty exciting right? we’ll just have to wait and see!”

Neither a denial or confirmation of casting. I would guess that a deal is in the works but hasn’t been finalised and he doesn’t want to damage his chances by confirming it before it’s official.

As for how Aquaman will be introduced? Well rumour has it Aquaman is pretty peeved at the amount of damage the World Engine did to the ocean life, and he's holding Superman responsible!


Several actors were seen on the campus of the University of East Anglia last week filming a scene for the upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not much is known about what was going on but I did write a speculation piece which you can find here.

Justice Leaked!

DC’s Comic Con announcement for this year seems to have been leaked giving us a look at the movies they are planning to release up to May 2018. Highlights include a Wonder Woman solo outing, a Flash/Green Lantern team up, and Man of Steel 2.

When Batman v Superman was given it’s official title I speculated that we wouldn't be watching a Man of Steel sequel, but more of a Justice League prequel. This line up seems to confirm that by giving Man of Steel 2 a release of May 2018.

A source close to BvS production also gave an insight as to why it was delayed, citing that they didn’t want to start production until they had tied down all the roles needed for the Justice League movie.

Separate to this leak, another rumour has surfaced that Ben Affleck will star in a solo Batman movie titled ‘The Batman’ which will release in 2019.

(Dr.) Strange goings on!

Dr. Strange now has a director in Scott Derrickson, and a writer in negotiations (Jon Spaihts), so of course the next speculation point has to be who will be the lead actor. The short list is currently made up of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, and Jared Leto.

Although Leto has got the look, see the image below he posted last week, I think Cumberbatch would be the best choice for Marvel. Cumberbatch is hot property right now, he has a Tom Hiddleston level of following which Marvel will need if they want more than the hardcore Dr. Strange fans to go see the movie.

And that’s this week’s ‘Week in Geek’!

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