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Reid Jones

New images and even a video from the LexCorp building's set for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have surfaced now that filming and production has gone completely underway. Take a look at these:

Here, we also have video of a helicopter landing on the set. The helicopter would seem like nothing extraordinarily important, which otherwise would be thought to have delivered cast and/or crew to the set except for the fact that a camera extension can be seen attached to the tail.

My experience on set has taught me that these filming helicopters are used best for filming scenes involving the helicopter itself and/or action scenes high above all the chaos. For example, a highspeed getaway in the Batmobile, an explosion at the LexCorp building, or a visit from the head honcho Lex Luthor via helicopter entrance would give good reason to bring in a helicopter fit for film like this.

What do you think they'll be filming? The possibilities are endless really, but there's a big possibility that they'll be filming something big here. The traditional LexCorp logo has been abandoned for the sake of an extremely simple gray, white, and red "X". What do you think: better than the original or a poorly chosen rip-off?


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