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Horror director genius Scott Derrickson is preparing for the release of his new movie Deliver Us From Evil after his career took another giant leap with his success Sinister in 2012. However, the film biz master-of-terror seems to have acquired a recent desire to begin setting up a schedule for the next few years of his career.

Having already recently been signed on to direct Marvel Studios' solo film for a future superhero and Avengers member Doctor Strange, Derrickson has now committed himself towards the production of The Outer Limits, based on the 1960's TV series classic of the same name. Scott will be directing and co-writing the script alongside his Sinister co-writer Robert Cargill.

WorstPreviews had the following to announce on the news:

He and Cargill will focus on one particular episode, "Demon With a Glass Hand," which includes time-travel, alien invasion and genetic manipulation. It focuses on a man with no memory beyond the last 10 days of his life and a computerized hand who discovers he is from the future. The man is being hunted by an alien race who see him as key to their survival, but he soon discovers a more complex and terrifying truth.
Derrickson will work on the script while he's developing "Doctor Strange."

For those who don't know, Kevin Feige recently stated that Doctor Strange would commence production Spring 2015, meaning that The Outer Limits will not begin filming until the production completion of the Marvel Studios film.


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