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Now, If You Like First-Person Shooters, And Love To Laugh, You Really Should Play This, And It's Free! It's Nice To See A First-Person Shooter That's Not All, "Call Of Duty" And "Battlefield", Now Don't Give Me Wrong, I Love Those Games, But, This Is A Nice Fun Change! Especially Since It's Funny And Not Serious, And A Different Style Of Animation! Now On To The Main Plot Of This Article, If You've Seen The Animations On Team Fortress 2, Then You Probably Know What I'm Trying To Say!

  • It's Frickin' Hilarious!

The Characters Are So Absurdly Funny! I Love Them, My Favorites Are The Scout, The Sniper, And The Demoman!

  • You've Already Seen What They Can Do!

With Animations Already Released, You've Already Gotten A Taste Of What A TF2 Movie Could Be Like! Check This One Out!

  • They Could Get All The Same Voices Back!

The Voices In The Video Were Also The Same Voices In The Game, As Well As All The Other Videos, They Could Possibly Get Them Back For A Film!

Let Me Know What You Think In The Comments! I'll Link All The Characters Bios, Below!


Would You Go To See A TF2 Movie?


BONUS: Team Red Vs. Team Blu!

Meet The Team:

Meet The Heavy, He's A Strong Russian Bodybuilder, He May Not Be Smart, But He Certainly Doesn't Use His Brain To Solve His Problems...

Meet The Sniper, A Calm Australian Man, Who Likes His Problems Solved Quick, Easy, And Painfully.

Meet The Engineer, A Handy Country Man, Who Likes Just Sit Around And Do What HE Wants, While The "Friends" He Made, Do The Work For Him.

Meet The Scout, A Self Confident Ladies Man From Boston, Let's Just Say, He's Kind Of A Big Deal, And He Solves His Problems Not Because He Has To, But Because He Wants To!

Meet The Soldier, Straight-To-Point, Trigger Happy, Man, Who Isn't Very Bright.

Meet The Medic, An Insane Russian Surgeon Who Is Very Good Friends With Heavy, He Owns A Pet Dove To Talk To When He Feels Lonely, And Aims To Help His Friends In Need On The Battlefield, Occasionally Throwing In A Couple Attacks Himself!

Meet The Pyro, A Happy Man, Who Brings Joy To The World! He Loves Rainbows And Candy And Winged Babies! He Treats Everyone With Respect And Gives Lolipops To Everyone, And As A Special Treat, Blows Bubbles With The Babies Of Candy-Land! Well, At Least, That's What He Sees...

And Finally, Meet The Demoman, An Angry, Explosive Black Scottish Man, Who Loves To Either Drink His Problems Away, Or Go Out, With A Boom!..

BONUS: Meet The Sandwich, A Hunger Helper, With Extra Ham, Three Types Of Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, And Topped Off With Two Olives!


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