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As its second weekend on the screen the movie, How To Train Your Dragon is still among the top 5 grossing films of the weekend. Reuters has it on number 3 with 25.3 million dollars as of Sunday, June 22.

I was able to see this amazing movie until this weekend, and it was really hard to stay away from the spoilers going around the internet. But tonight I can finally share why this movie is amazing. Because it is.

[How to Train Your Dragon 2](movie:44736) is an amazing combination of music, animation and story, all blend together in perfect editing. The characters have a new and more impressive range of emotion and the dragons, the dragon's movements are sleek, elegant, strong and powerful, mighty beasts that fly and fight have never looked better.

If you haven't seen it I recommend you go as soon as possible, is not a movie only made for children, is a deep and interesting story that will interest parents as well, and ... young adults, like me!


The story takes a real turn by saying goodbye to one of the characters that we have come to love. And as a consequence the hero has no other choice than to step into the role of chief (at this point you already know who I'm talking about... right?) This, of course, is just a bridge to set the stage for the third installment. Is the third part the final episode in the How To Train Your Dragon world? Maybe. We are not sure at this point. But if the film grosses much more worldwide then, the chances of a fourth film can be getting real, much more real.


Is obvious that there's still much more to be told from the How To Train Your Dragon world, and is no news that the third part will be released around June 2016. The story seems obvious for those who have watched the film, but don't think everything is set on stone, just as much as there were surprises with this film, there will be surprises with the next one.

Fly away now, and watch this film! You will cry, laugh and your heart will melt at the sight of this pretty pair of eyes!

Images property of DreamWorks Animation
Images property of DreamWorks Animation

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