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James Gunn is one of the best directors when it comes to clear, honest communication with the fans. After rumors sparked that Nathan Fillion was playing Nova in the after-credits scene of his Marvel Studios film, Guardians of the Galaxy, which has a release date that is quickly approaching, James Gunn posted to twitter that Nathan will NOT be playing Nova.

Despite the denial, Gunn did NOT deny that Nova would be in the after-credits scene and did not deny that Fillion would be in the after-credits scene. In fact, he confirmed that Fillion would be in the film somehow as a cameo:

But that's not all! James Gunn continued later to risk his entire credibility and reputation of honesty upon these statements. This is why we the fans love Gunn as much as we do!

So the chase is still on! What is the after-credits scene? What is Nathan Fillion's mystery role? The information suggested that Fillion could have been Nova, but only confirmed they had knowledge that Nova would be in the after-credits scene (that is, at least ONE of the after-credits scenes since every phase 2 film has had 2 after-credits scenes except Iron Man 2 which had it's second one cancelled). The fact that they even had a lead that Fillion would cameo suggests that they have a legitimate source!

So who would play Nova then? Well, I currently have a lead on Zac Efron playing Nova that so far has been panning out to potentially be true. Read more about it HERE!


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