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In the promo for the new season of Covert Affairs we see Auggie flirting with a new character played by Amy Jo Johnson. Yup the original pink Power Ranger. As a huge Power Rangers I decided to look back and see what rangers have continued their acting careers after the show. First I’m starting off with Amy Jo herself.

Amy Jo Johnson

Ranger Role: Kimberly Hart, Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

On top of her new role on the fifth season of Cover Affairs our good old Kimberly has been on several television programs. Her first big role after the show was on Felicity playing Julie, Felicity first real friend at college. After a main role on The Division and a recurring role on Wildfire, Johnson started her time on the Canadian crime procedural Flashpoint. On Flashpoint she played Jules Callaghan for five seasons.

Archie Kao

Ranger Role: Kai Chen, the Blue Galaxy Ranger

After his Power Rangers season he continued on in the following season as a voice actor for villains as well as a role on Once and Again. Since 2001 he has played the recurring role of Archie Johnson on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. His latest role was playing Detective Sheldon Jin on Chicago PD. Although for anyone who watches the show we know Kao may be looking for a new job.

Erin Cahill

Ranger Role: Jen Scotts, Pink Time Force Ranger

Since she was a Power Ranger Cahill has had a few roles on television programs. Cahill has roles on Fox’s Free Ride and General Hospital. Recently she had a recurring role as Felicity on ABC’s Red Widow.

Michael Copon

Ranger Role: Lucas Kendall, Blue Time Force Ranger

People may recognize Copon as Felix, a recurring character during the second season of One Tree Hill. Felix came to town with his sister, played by Daniella Alonso. He went on to have the role of Vin Keahi on Beyond the Break, which ran for three seasons.

Emma Lahana

Ranger Role: Kira Ford, Yellow Dino Ranger

After Power Rangers: Dino Thunder Lahana has had roles on a couple of television shows. She played Charlotte Monroe on CW’s Hellcats and Alex on Arctic Air. Recently she played Jennifer Mason on the fourth season of Haven.

Brandon Jay McLaren

Ranger Role: Jack Landors, the S.P.D Red Ranger

McLaren has had a very healthy career in television since being a Power Ranger. In 2007 he was a main character, Devon Sylver, on The Best Years and the following year played Danny Brooks on Harper’s Island. He also had a role on Being Erica. In recent years he has been on more successful programs. He played Bennett Ahmed, the professor and suspect of Rosie’s murder for some time during the first season, which he followed by by a recurring role on Falling Skies in 2012. He currently plays Dale Jakes on USA’s Graceland.

Richard Peter Brancatisano

Ranger Role: Xander Bly, the Green Mystic Ranger

Most of his roles have been in Australian television programs. He has roles on Underbelly: Razor, Reef Doctors and Dance Academy. His newest role is on ABC Family’s cancer drama Chasing Life starting June 10th.

Anna Hutchison

Ranger Role: Lily Chilman, the Yellow Cheetah Ranger

Hutchison has made a name for herself in both television and film. After her time as a ranger she has main roles in Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Go Girls and Wild Boys. in 2012, she was in the horror film The Cabin in the Woods. Recently she had a major role in the final season of Spartacus: War of the Damned and a recurring role on Anger Management.

Eka Darville

Ranger Role: Scott Truman, the Red RPM Ranger

He followed up Power Rangers RPM by playing Pietros, a slave in love with Barca, on Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Since then he has recurred on Terra Nova and more recently as Diego on The Originals.

Rose McIver

Ranger Role: Summer Landsdown, the Yellow RPM Ranger

Recently McIver has made the jump to popular American television. She was Tinker Bell on Once Upon A Time and Vivian Scully, the daughter of Beau Bridges’ character, on Showtime’s Masters of Sex. Recently she took on the role of Cathy Dollanganger on Lifetime’s Petals on the Wind. She will also soon be seen as the lead on CW’s iZOMBIE, based on DC Comics.


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