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With the opening week of Earth To Echo getting closer there will be more and more buzz going around this film that opens in theaters July 2nd.

The movie from the plot description, trailers and small scenes that have been released, basically shows a premise similar to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Only this time the alien visitor is discovered by a group of kids from the beginning and not just one at first. Will "Echo" be calling home anytime soon?

I love E.T. I love it so much that I instantly felt compelled to watch this movie, there you have it. Nostalgic twenty-something and over thirty something moviegoers will see this film. No doubt.

But if the movie will offer something more original is yet to be seen. Of course, it offers digital improvements, sophistication, current technology, smartphones and more can be seen on the screen left and right. It's visually attractive for sure. If after the 4th of July weekend, Earth To Echo delivers great numbers and if people like it not only because it triggers memories of E.T, but because it offers something more interesting to the story, is what we will talk about in future posts.

Meet "Echo" the perfect alien/toy
Meet "Echo" the perfect alien/toy

I'll wait to see more of Earth To Echo and report back my findings and final take on the movie. I'm sure that for millennials, teenagers and younger demographics the movie will be an incredible new and original story, but for those who have seen E.T. it might ring too many bells... we will have to see it to find out!

Here I leave the trailer for you guys to start forming your own opinion about Earth To Echo.


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