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I have made my own fanfiction of Power Rangers. I have been heavily inspired by comics and even the Power Rangers before I heard about the reboot. Our story takes place after a war which 13 teams were completely wiped out and very few have survived, thus retiring from being the heroes they were meant to be. Five years later, six young people are chosen by the ancient power of the zodiac in order to fight the evil that claimed the lives of the champions of Earth. I'll tell you about the characters.

Beverly Mason - Red Ranger. She's openly bisexual and has a girlfriend. She has strong leadership skills and was an old student of Jason's. Her fearlessness and leadership qualities led her to become the Red Ranger. Her power comes from the power of the Phoenix Constellation

Theo Michaels - Green Ranger. He's a Christian and a former air force pilot. He is very faithful, strong, a very skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat. He is friends with Taylor (Yellow Wild Force Ranger) His power comes from the constellation of Aquila

Kevin Raymond - Blue Ranger. He's a high school senior headed for MIT and a student of Billy's. He loves video games and is very intelligent and a lover of science. His power comes from the constellation of Lupus

Yumi Nakatsuka - Yellow Ranger. A Japanese-American MMA fighter who trained at the Wind Ninja Academy under Tori's guidance. She is highly skilled in ninjitsu and martial arts. Her power comes from Ophiuchus

Maria Santiago - Pink Ranger. A Dominican-American media mongul. She's beautiful, compassionate and humble. She deeply cares about her family and friends. Her power comes from Andromeda.

Fred Kelman - Gold Ranger. A former student of Tommy's who is a federal agent. If you've seen the original movie, you know who I'm talking about. His Gold Ranger Power comes from Sagittarius.

If you guys want to read the script, click here and take a look!


God Bless and Enjoy The Show!


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