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True Blood has not been the same show the last couple of seasons. What started as a love story between a vampire (Bill) and an innocent young waitress (Sookie) has devolved into a frenzy chock full of characters, creators and over the top story lines. The True Blood faithfuls have stuck around for the entire series despite this. Why? Because it’s still been a lot of fun and when you’re invested in characters, you become invested in the series as a whole. There have been some bright spots and that can never be forgotten. With the last season upon us, the show has a lot of storylines to wrap up as well as giving fans one last great hurrah.

The season premiere begins with the attack on the party from the season finale. There’s a large amount of vampires with Hep-V and they are hungry. The attack is swift. It ends as soon as it begins. The effects on the attack are amazing. Some extra money was spent on the special effects for this last season and thus the fighting was slowed down in the Zack Snyder style. It’s one of the best visuals the show has ever done. Tara’s moves where so clear and choreographed so well. The true drama begins when the Hep-V infected vampires take Holly, Arlene, Nicole and seemingly kill a major character. Said character’s death does seem to be the beginning of something bigger but had ZERO impact. This character was so important for so long and it’s a shame that this was how they were removed. Dead doesn’t always mean gone, but this person deserved a lot more. It also pokes a hole in some established rules in the True Blood universe. The peace is over and the alliance between humans and vampires is uneasy and odd at the best. Every human has a vampire assigned to them and it’s supposed to worth both ways. Vampires fee, humans stay protected from the Hep-V infection.

The middle of the episode basically catches viewers up with what all the characters are doing in the fallout of the attack. Jason stumbles upon a bit of a problem, literally on his front porch, that gives us Violet’s best scene of her short run thus far. Sookie and Alcide are not living the perfect life that most fans expected they would, Jessica and Adaline bond a bit and Lafayette is a total mess because of the world around him. The most striking part of this section of the episode is the conversation with James and Lafayette. It’s insightful and gives James some real depth.

Things get heated with Jason and his lady love Violet and it’s the first of the last amazingly sexy scenes we’ll get from the series. It’s totally useless to the plot development but it’s a great butt shot. The biggest fear of doing a story like this is that it would come off too much like The Walking Dead with vampires. However, thanks to the actual character development, this is totally avoided. There’s definitely a pre disaster feeling but it’s being drawn out more to build up tension. It’s also one of the few times True Blood has built off directly of a previous storyline. There has been movement of characters but the bigger storyline has never tied in directly to previous season outside of anything that happened with the Vampire Royalty and the Fellowship of the Sun.

The Bill and Andy team up was very well done. Despite the animosity between these two, they realize what’s happening in their town and have to put an end to the crazies in town. Arlene, Holly and Nicole are not okay and because it’s the last season, no one is safe. Arlene and Holly are the worst screamers in the history of ever. True Blood is campy but this hit a whole new level.

The highlight of this entire episode is the hatred directed at Sookie. Everything is blamed on her as the show comes full circle. She really brought the vampires into town by warming up to Bill so fast. After that, everything went downhill for Bon Temps very fast. Not all of it is her fault, as she states, but she has been the catalyst for much of it.

There’s a sense of gloom and doom over the show now and it makes the show infinitely more interesting. There is a tinge of The Walking Dead with the infected vampires and that is worrisome. Overall it’s a solid beginning for the last season. The stage is set for a real finality to the series. It’s a quiet episode with lots of exposition outside of the initial action but its needed.

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