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With G.I. Joe: Retaliation emptying pockets to the tune of $375 million worldwide, I don't think it's outrageously surprising that we'd be getting another adventure from the band of All American Heroes.

According to a report over at Collider, Transformers and G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has confirmed [G.I. Joe 3](movie:908858) will begin production early next year. Bonaventura explained:

G.I. Joe 3 we are trying to get going, starting early next year. I think it’ll be a little later than [January]. I think February or March is probably more realistic. We were originally shooting for January and I think it’s slid a little bit, but you never know. It’s still a little too early to tell yet.

Currently, there seems to be no confirmed director attached to the project. I'm sure Hasbro and Paramount would be eager to get G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu to return, although it seems Chu may have moved onto new projects, including, reportedly, a job in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

However, Bonaventura was willing to confirm that Dwayne Johnson will be returning to G.I. Joe 3 as Roadblock. It's likely Johnson will now headline the franchise following the departure of Channing Tatum.

Unfortunately, Bonaventura seemed reticent to disclose more precise G.I. Joe information - in particular which new G.I. Joe characters could be joining the PG-13 gun fun. Although we certainly will be seeing new characters:

One thing is for sure: there were some characters the fans were really shouting for us to put in, we’re gonna put in a few one of the ones that they know that would be new to the movie audience if they don’t know the mythology.

With this in mind, let's partake in some innocent speculation about which conveniently-code-named combat specialists could be making an appearance in the third G.I. Joe. The series has already seen 29 classic characters make an appearance on the big screen - be it as lead characters, cameos or supporting roles - however, there are still over 100 G.I. Joe characters which have featured in the animated series, comics and toy lines.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at five G.I. Joe characters we'd like to see in G.I. Joe 3.


As his name helpfully suggests, Bazooka is an expert in shoulder mounted rocket launchers and recoil-less rifles. Now to be honest, I don't think the G.I. Joe franchise really needs any more explosions, but Bazooka does bring something else to the table - comic-relief. With Duke no longer able to riff with Roadblock, the film series is going to need someone else to lighten the mood between the action. Also, don't you just want to see that mustache on the big screen?


Where Bazooka goes, Alpine is sure to follow - albeit while hanging off the side of a cliff. The G.I. Joe's mountainous expert is best buddies with the rocket-launcher toting Minnesotan, so it only makes sense that the two of them should return as a double act. Whereas Bazooka might get the laughs inadvertently via his goofy demeanor, Alpine is a bit more of a wise-cracker. The duo certainly do not need to be the central premise of the third movie, but it might be nice to have them around.

He's also handy in the eventuality the G.I. Joes get lost at a fairground:


Ronald W. Tadur, better known by his code-name Dusty, is the G.I. Joes' desert warfare specialist, which let's face it, is kind of in the the vogue at the minute. Regardless of his skills and abilities, Dusty might have one of the more interesting side-stories of all the G.I. Joes. In the Sunbow cartoon series, Dusty seemingly defects to Cobra in order to pay his mother's medical bills. In reality he is working as a double-agent for the Joes, although only Duke is aware of this. With Duke knocked into a coma, Dusty is found guilty of treason, but is freed by Cobra before his incarceration. Finally, Dusty thwarts Cobras plans from within and re-earns his place in the Joes. With Duke now out of the story, this could make for an interesting sub-plot or twist ending.

Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter became one of the most popular and iconic G.I. Joe characters, but he has yet to appear in the film adaptations. The drill instructor for the Joes, Sgt Slaughter was actually based on a pro-wrestler of the same name who was prolific in the 1980s. However, his toy line was partly discontinued in the early 1990s, apparently as a response to a wrestling storyline in which the real Sgt Slaughter, Robert Remus, became an Iraqi sympathizer. Regardless, with Remus, who voiced the G.I. Joe character, still doing the rounds at conventions and fan events, I think it might be nice to see him in a small cameo, if not more. As this commercial explains, he is pretty tough.

Major Bludd

Sebastian Bludd is an Australian mercenary who frequently works with COBRA in their dastardly plans - but only because the terrorist organisation can pay him. Y'see, Bludd doesn't really do the whole 'loyalty' thing, and instead simply goes where the dollars lead him. Indeed, in some stories he has been known to disobey the Cobra Commander and go his own way. This storyline could certainly be weaved into a big screen adaptation and could provide an opportunity for internal strife within Cobra, as well as perhaps a redemptive storyline for Bludd. He might also call someone a 'drongo' - which is just fun.

What members of the G.I. Joe universe would you like to see in G.I. Joe 3?


Who would you like to see in G.I. Joe 3?

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