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Fancy some hot summer hair Nina Dobrev style? How about whipping your luscious mane into the humidity resistant summer 'knothawk' below?

In Style magazine is recommending this edgy up do to keep your face and neck cool in the heat of the midday sun, without having to resort to a drab pony tail every day.

Although the intricate pile of knots might look difficult to achieve, according to [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress' hair stylist, Riwanna Capri, it's a breeze to pull the look together. Capri explained that;

She made four ponytails at the back of Dobrev’s head, starting at the nape of the neck and going up. Starting with the lowest tail, she split it into two pieces and tied a knot as if she was tying a shoe. “The key is not to pull the knots too tight, so you get plenty of body,” Capri tells us. She continued knotting until she was at the end of the ponytail and then wrapped the ends around like a bun and pinned them in place. The process was repeated for each ponytail to finish.

Sounds like it might be difficult feat to perform on yourself, but with a little help for your friends, this Dobrev endorsed summer do seems perfectly achievable!


Will you be giving Nina Dobrev summer do a go?

(Source: In Style)

(Images: In Style via Wire Image and Getty)


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