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The Rover has flopped at the box office despite the double draw of Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce.

The post apocalyptic movie, directed by David Michod of Animal Kingdom fame, was pushed out to 599 screens in the second weekend, but the takings were less than impressive.

[The Rover](movie:395105) brought in just $500,000 with a disappointing $835 per-screen average. To put it into perspective, that's way down from the $13,860 it averaged in its first weekend.

Distributor A24 has released the following statement about the movies performance;

David Michod made an excellent film that received very strong reviews for its unique filmmaking and wonderful performances from Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately we were unable to find a broader audience this weekend, but have no doubt that the film will gain fans as we continue to push it out in the weeks and months ahead

The rather pitiful numbers thrown out from the second week are a far cry from the digits Pattinson put up when he was starring as Edward Cullen in the $3.3 billion “Twilight” franchise.

But, on a brighter note, the earnings from The Rover so far are still much better than the ones from Pattinson's previous indie film outing, [Cosmopolis](movie:38997) . The David Cronenberg movie flat-lined, dragging in less than $1 million domestically in 2012.

It's a shame that a movie that has received glowing reviews from the likes of Tarantino has failed to capture the public imagination. Maybe there really isn't room for Indie flicks in mainstream cinema...


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