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James Gandolfini's last ever movie follows lonely bartender Bob (Tom Hardy) who performs an act of kindness and rescues a pitbull from the garbage. By doing so, however, the former criminal becomes the target of the dog's dangerous and unhinged previous owner. Things get much worse from here on as he is pulled back into Boston's underworld, stumbling into a robbery gone wrong...

In the first official trailer, Gandolfini's Cousin Marv resorts to desperate means, as Hardy's Bob Saginowski is trying to resolve the situation and convince his girlfriend Nadia (Noomi Rapace) that he has left his criminal past behind. Take a look at that, as well as a host of new stills, and see if it's going to blow your socks off:

The Drop looks to fall into the same dark, gangster veins as The Sopranos and see Gandolfini in a role that is not too far removed from Tony Soprano. Plus, the story is based on a short novel by Dennis Lehane, the man behind Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island and Mystic River, so there's certainly a good deal of grit to go around.

Gandolfini died of a heart attack in June last year. He is most celebrated for his portrayal of Tony Soprano in long-running Mafia drama The Sopranos. There has never been a better performance on our small screen, and - dare I say it - there probably never will be. So, with that said...


Will you be watching James Gandolfini's last ever movie?

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