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Yesterday was The Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell's 56th birthday, and it was also the day that premium collectibles company, Sideshow Collectibles gave news that they obtained the rights to Evil Dead II. We were only given a little teaser, but the excitement has already gathered.

So, what does this mean? It means that for the first time in history, high-end statues are going to be made from Evil Dead II. Up until this point, the only collectibles made from this movie have been the affordable, 7" action figures. While Sideshow is undeniably pricey, they bring museum quality statues to your home and collection.

There's been no word yet on exactly what type of merchandise they'll be making, but Sideshow has a wide variety in what they can do. So expect anything from, head to toe statues that stand about two and a half feet tall, dioramas, life-size busts, and maybe even props, like Ash's shotgun or chainsaw. Anything is possible.

This isn't Sideshow's first encounter with the Evil Dead series, years ago, they produced some 12 inch action figures and a Premium Format Figure (statue with vast height and real cloth clothing) from the third film installment, Army of Darkness. Since then Sideshow Collectibles as a whole, has kicked it up ten notches on the quality scale, so you can only imagine what the new products will look like!

So, one can only hope that with the door officially beaten down on Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness collectibles, that we will one day see high quality items from the original movie. The licensing of the first Evil Dead has proven to be unobtainable so far, but there's always hope.

If that didn't fill your horror needs, there's some other good news that Sideshow has announced, and that is that they've also gotten the rights back to make Friday the 13th collectibles again!

Sideshow Collectibles are known for two things when it comes to this license:

1. Making the best Jason Voorhees collectibles on the planet.

2. Never finishing their line of 12 inch action figures.

A lot of fans have been letdown due to Sideshow losing the rights to the Friday the 13th series before finishing their action figures, because a lot of collectors bought all of the ones made in hopes of having a complete set of every Jason variation throughout the film series. The ones still missing and yet to be made are "Uber Jason" from Jason X, and a Roy figure from Friday the 13th part V: A New Beginning.

With the announcement of more collectibles coming, one can only assume that the line of high-end action figures will for once be completed. And, we've got plenty of statues coming, you can always expect that.

So, I recommend you start saving your cash now. Because these things are going to be expensive, and worth every penny. Sideshow's stuff always increases in value, so what may cost you three hundred bucks now will gain you thousands in the future. These aren't toys, they're for mature collectors only.


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