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Poor Ian Somerhalder has his work cut out trying to campaign for all of the creatures that he cares for so much. Just last week the Vampire Diaries actor seemed close to breaking point over the killing of an elephant, and now he has another battle to fight.

A dog meat festival in China.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actor was clearly horrified when he heard about the event and went on to spread the news with his 5 million Twitter followers;

The dog meat festival in question takes place in Yulin, China. The ancient dog meat festival has been occurring to celebrate the Summer Solstice every year for generations.

Chinese actress Sun Li also raised awareness alongside joined many other Chinese celebrities calling for the boycott of a festival. She posted a picture of her young son with his dogs along with the caption;

The dog is man's most intimate and loyal friend, and I love dogs, I even regard them as part of my family. My children have learned love from the adoption of stray dogs. I hope people in Yulin, Guangxi will not indulge in eating dog any more

Although the dog meat festival is over for this year, hopefully with the help of Ian Somerhalder and other celebrity activists, this will be the last one...


Would you ever eat dog meat?

(Source: CNN and CRI)


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