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I watched this film for the first time and found it very interesting and quite funny. I love Robin Williams he is just hilarious and the certain roles he plays in films are just amazing.The US Army are in Vietnam and Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) arrives in Saigon from Crete. He works as a DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Service. During his time there or should I say as soon as he arrives, he notices a women very attractive and wants to get to know her. He one day follows her into a English class and ends up teaching English to impress her. He gets to know the girls brother and her family.

This film has funny and amusing moments as you see how a Radio DJ improvises on the radio different characters as if they were calling in to chat live on air and he does this to entertain the US Solider's while out in Vietnam.

I really like the close up shots of Adrian when he's on the radio and the establishing shots and long shot looks of Vietnam. Also I enjoy watching film shot on film too. The look and texture of the film just feels right.

If you've not seen this film I recommend it a watch as it's interesting about how this one Radio DJ keeps the spirits of the soldiers happy while there's war going on in Vietnam. A war film but with a different feel to it :)

Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker
Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker

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