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Cautiously optimistic about future comic book movies.
Sam Hayes

Yes, I know The Flash TV show Arrow spin-off is coming to television this year, but honestly, I don't have faith in it at all. I think it looks bad, cheesy, way too cheesy for a superhero show-or anything! And sorry for TV channel stereotypes but it's on the CW. CW! Sure Arrow was on the CW and that did ... a little better than good, but The Flash, it looks bad. All of CW's shows are witty-teen sci-fi shows that have no real potential. {I know that makes me sound like a jerk right there but I just feel strong about this topic. Sorry Arrow fans, but these are my opinions, so please don't take them to heart.} And right around the time they confirmed Batman vs. Superman (now Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) and announced Justice League, they also announced a Flash movie for 2016! That movie was announced before The Flash was even supposed to be on Arrow, before Season 1 of Arrow was even over. They said it was a realistic take on the characters, but sorry, it's not anymore. The whole image was ruined by none other than the worst writer to ever be a part of the superhero world, the reason Green Lantern was bad, the reason Arrow could have been better, the reason I think The Flash will be a huge mess, Greg Berlanti. He's just the worst.

But now The Flash, if at all, will get a standalone movie after "The Batman" supposedly in 2019. But he will get a team-up with GL in their own movie. But what does that mean? Does that mean neither characters will have any character development at all besides in Justice League? I don't know how you feel, but I cannot stand the idea of DC having a shared universe between TV and the movies. I just ... Dare I say, I might not even see the movies if it's in a shared universe. I can't stress that enough! And The Flash has been my favorite superhero ever since I was a little kid, first watching The Justice League (not Unlimited, ugh) cartoon and was stepping away from just Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. So, we don't know if the universe will be shared, and we most likely won't officially know until Justice League.


What do you think, should DC have a shared universe?

I would be happy to discuss this with all of you in the comments. Thanks for reading! -Sam


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