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This past weekend, a rumor popped up that claimed Firefly star and Green Lantern voice actor Nathan Fillion would be appearing in James Gunn's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

As to exactly who he'd be playing, the rumor went on the claim that Mr. Fillion would be appearing during the film's after credit scene as Richard Rider, whom most Marvel fans know as the Human Rocket, Nova.

However, thanks to James Gunn, we now know this rumor is untrue. Not long after the rumor appeared, the director took to Twitter to debunk this claim once and for all, posting:

Yet, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel for all you Brown Coats out there hoping to catch a glimpse of Malcolm Reynolds in the upcoming space epic from Marvel Studios.

Shortly after the Nova rumor was shot down, Gunn was asked straight out if the rumor was true that Fillion would be appearing in the film, to which the director answered:

So, while we know he won't be suiting up as Nova for the film, we now have solid confirmation that Nathan Fillion will indeed be appearing in a very small fun cameo for Guardians of the Galaxy. Who will he be playing?

For now, we'll just have to wait and see!

Source: Twitter

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