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The king of nightmares is back for one last scare!

Robert Englund is internationally known for his role as the King of Nightmares, Freddy Krueger, in the Nightmare on Elm Street horror franchise. According to the Flash Back Weekend website, Englund will be making an appearance at the Chicago Horror convention on August 8th 2014. Yes, he will be all decked out in full make up, claws, sweater, and hat. He is coming back for ONE LAST TIME before he is to officially retire from the role.

As you know, the franchise was UNSUCCESSFULLY rebooted back in 2010. Jackie Earle Haley was cast in the coveted role of Fred Krueger, and while he did a fairly decent job, the movie fell hard on its face. Now there are talks of rebooting the franchise again. To me it just seems like the Nightmare on Elm Street reboots may never recover without the presence of Robert Englund. However, I will hold out hope that maybe one day these reboots will get it together. It’s unfortunate the fans have to say goodbye to the man that made the role iconic, but actors must move on. I wish Robert England the best, and hope to see him featured in other films in the future.

If you’re in the Chicago area, and interested in being in the presence of the emperor of slash, fans can opt to pay 365$ for convention access, and one photo with Robert…I mean Freddy Kruger all gussied up!


P.S. Lets Reminisce on the good times we've had with Englung and relive some of Nightmare on Elm Street's top Kills from youtube Fan DinkyFlix


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