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Last week Superman homepage reported on the news that a scene was filmed in Michigan for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" in which the Mayor of Metropolis dedicated a giant Superman statue in honor of Superman saving the world in "Man of Steel". Well apparently things aren't as simple as that!

[Warning : Potential Spoiler ahead]

It is hiding more than it is showing
It is hiding more than it is showing had reported about a 15 feet statue of Superman being constructed. Speculations were rife that Metropolis was honoring the Man of Steel and there was a statue unveiling scene in filming.

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Batman-news initially also reported that a follow-up scene incorporating the statue was also filmed, in which clean-up crew were required to re-paint the statue after anti-Superman protesters sprayed it with graffiti. But they deleted it because of it being a spoiler! And we don't blame them. This is some crazy sh*t!

A Superman Homepage source informed just what the graffiti painted on the Superman statue was..

[Warning: Stop Reading Right now if you don't want to know a potential major spoiler]

.....Superman Homepage source informs "that the clean-up crew were painting over a "swastika" symbol that had been painted in red over the "S" on Superman's chest"

One of the swastikas.
One of the swastikas.

Now for people who don't know. There are several types of swastikas which symbolize a lot of things. The word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" (meaning "good" or "auspicious") combined with "asti" (meaning "being"), along with the diminutive suffix "ka." The swastika literally means "well-being." It is a prominent symbol in Hinduism.

But in the western world and more likely given the context of the movie and the fact that protesters are drawing graffiti it alludes to the Nazi symbol.

Symbol of Nazi Germany.
Symbol of Nazi Germany.

It was popularized by German dictator Adolf Hitler as a symbol of Aryans who according to him were meant to be genetically superior species.

This makes sense to me. Superman is yet to fully earn the trust of every citizen in Metropolis so some people maybe skeptical of his absolute power, still Snyder may just have the guts to go there. I am stoked totally! [Man of Steel](movie:15593) was full of philosphical "Nietzsche" subtexts and "The Dark Knight Returns" was a social satire so it won't be out of place in this sequel

What do you think about it? Do you thin the rumor is true? If so do you think swastika stands for a symbol of Nazism in this movie's context? Comment below. Let me know !

Source: SupermanHomepage


Is Superman going to be branded a dictator by some people?


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