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The Horror Honeys

SyFy (knowing exactly what it's doing BTW), released a clip of an 'epic' showdown between its 'hero' Sharktopus and the vile Pteracuda that depicts exactly what I would like to do to the SyFy executives that created this monstrosity of a series.

Not to give too much away, but between cliche sword "tsching!" sounds, and the epic roar of Sharktopus, it's safe to say that I'm weighing the options of releasing a special edition drinking game JUST for this series.

So check out the clip, and get ready to raise a glass of whatever's handy with me on August 2nd as this Selachii-themed (yes, that's a word) abomination makes its way to the small screen. And DON'T forget - Sharknado Week!

The question remains, are films like this something that's helping or hurting the horror genre? Can these even be counted as horror films anymore? Yes, I realize that these films are MEANT to be campy and mostly horrible, but some small part of me is utterly TERRIFIED that this is what studio and network executives REALLY think that the people crave... From comments on previous articles, it seems like that's the case.


What side of the fence are YOU on?


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