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I know that I might be in a minority when I say that when I first watched The Purge, but I feel like I should share how I felt about the first film. I was angry. I was so so angry. An amazingly chilling concept was turned into a film all about privilege, racial profiling, and EXTREMELY painfully petty jealousy - the "this doesn't happen in MY neighborhood" crap that makes me wish The Purge actually did exist.

When The Purge Anarchy was announced, I might have ranted for a little while on twitter about it. I've honestly been avoiding everything to do with press for Purge Anarchy since the hype started - but no more.

The newest TV spot for The Purge Anarchy actually looks like it's going back to the original concept - a night of terror, for anyone, no matter your rank, your station in life and most of all, what you believe doesn't matter because freedom to do whatever you want with no consequences, means that there's always someone who is willing to take your own freedom away.

Could you play God?
Could you play God?

Anarchy: absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

As a political "ideal", anarchy is a terrifying word - is society ready for it? Would YOU be ready for it?

The Purge Anarchy is coming to theatres on July 18th

What do YOU think of the trailer? Are YOU a fan of The Purge?


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