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After hearing Freddy himself talk about this film at conventions, and in person, I've admittedly been excited about The Last Showing for quite some time now. The first teaser trailer for Robert Englund’s The Last Showing is finally here, and while it might be easy to get a bit testy about the CCTV screen look, you'll get over it.

Directed by Phil Hawkins, The Last Showing also stars Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell - Game Of Thrones), Emily Berrington (The White Queen), and Keith Allen (Trainspotting).

Synopsis: When a life-long projectionist (Robert Englund) is made redundant, he looks to exact his vengeance on a generation that no longer requires his skills. He traps a couple inside his multiplex cinema and manipulates them into becoming characters in a horror film being captured by CCTV cameras.

I love a good revenge film, and the simple concept of The Last Showing is fantastic, and timely - and no one can deny just how creepy Robert Englund can be when he turns on his charm. Yes, I just said he has creepy charm. I love this man.

The Last Showing has an unconfirmed UK release date, but US dates and details should be following soon.

What do YOU think of this teaser?

(Clip source: Philm Company)


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