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A classic haunted house horror, mystery film that follows such stories as "Insidious" and "The Conjuring". The story focuses on 18 year old Evan, played by Harrison Gilbertson and his new neighbor Sam, played by Liana Liberato. As the two explore the recently purchased house, they start to experience a paranormal presence. The presence becomes to much for them so they begin to uncover clues that will help them solve the mystery.The film was directed by Mac Carter and written by Andrew Barrer.

There were definitely suspenseful parts in this film. The beginning scene opened many questions that were to be resolved by the end of the film. The two main characters did a good job portraying their well written characters. Although the characters had interesting roles, the writing in general I wasn't too fond of. There was just too many times where the script didn't seem believable. The idea of the supernatural communication device was a good addition although I feel they didn't give enough information on it. I wish they elaborated on it more because Sam seemed to know how to use it without any explanation.

On the side, Sam's story of abuse was unnecessary. Although this provided drama within the characters, the backstory of Sam wasn't explained well. If they connected her abuse with the hauntings, that might have been cool but it was kind of a mystery within itself.

There were definitely some creepy scenes that provided much suspense. But in general, many of the events were predictable and not scary. The design of the supporting ghosts/demons were well done as they were simple yet still terrifying. The main ghost/demon for me was poorly done. Each time the main ghost/demon came up were well set up but as soon as the creature appeared it ruined the scene. It didn't look realistic, and the movement was almost comical.

Aside the uneventful scenes, the ending brought me back in the film. It becomes engaging and things happen that are unexpected.


If you've seen the film, what did you think?


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