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In 2002 the world was introduced to it's first Live action Scooby-Doo film with the gang we all know and love living in modern times. It was received by an okay reaction from it's audience but made enough money to make a sequel. And to no ones surprise that film did twice as bad. And with straight to DVD films and lukewarm animated episodes of today it was very likely that Scooby-Doo was not coming back to the big screen for a while.However Warner Bros. proved us wrong by announcing that we could be getting another live action film coming to theaters. And rightfully so, the people weren't all that excited about the news with it's two previous films being so mediocre. But there are some people out there who found the news intriguing and saw a light of hope that the famous gang could make a comeback and surprise us all. And one of those people just happened to be me.

Now when the two previous films came out I was quite young and with me being a big Scooby-Doo fan I actually found them very enjoyable. But of course we all grow up and I realized they weren't all that good. However I do still watch the old ones and they still make me laugh and entertain me to this day today. So when I saw the news saying that a new film was coming I found it very interesting as there was a lot of potential! Of course though there are risks to take and knowing Hollywood I'm pretty sure they won't take them but this is just one of those what if moments.

One of the options that I would find interesting is instead of making a kid's film is that if they actually go the 21 jump street route. Now I'm not saying to go for some hard R or anything but to really make it a self aware film. It could be the gang going to solve a mystery but to make fun of all the cliches that the old show fell under. It could be a fun throwback to all the classic horror films that came out around that time. Which could be very clever if they pulled it off right and got the right team to do it.

Another option but possibly a less popular option is to go a darker route instead of staying kid friendly. This is also the least possible option but it could be fun if the producers actually went this way. But really think about how cool it would be if the movie was more grounded and hey and even kinda scary. I even enjoyed the idea of not even having Scooby talk but for him to be a smart Great Dane(I can already feel the backlash of just saying that, but hey I like it). But if you really don't like the idea I encourage you to visit this site.

Now those photos aren't actually from the upcoming movie so don't get too freaked out but seeing these did get me encouraged for the idea of a darker Scooby-Doo film. It just looks so cool and a different take on everything we ever thought of the gang!

But hey these are just ideas and I'm just spit balling just hoping that Hollywood would even consider it. What do you guys think though about the Scooby-Doo reboot? Are you as intrigued as I am or could care less about the thought of it. Leave me your thoughts below and tell me what you think. And give ideas as well!!


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