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The first episode of the final season of True Blood premiered Sunday June 22nd. It proved itself to be one heck of a blood bath starting where the season 6 finale left off. Vampires infected with Hep V were ready to attack Bellefleur's (previously known as Merlottes). The attack proves to be a savage one! People are being bitten and torn into pieces all around! Now lets skip to one of the show's most jaw dropping moments. One of the fan favorite and fearless; Tara, is caught fighting a Hep V infected vamp as Lettie Mae sits by a car shaking in fear. You hear a whistle and suddenly all infected vamps disperse taking with them our beloved Holly, Arlene, and Nicole. Lettie Mae is covered in what we are led to believe is Tara Thornton's blood (of course you don't actually see Tara die on screen, only that Lettie Mae is covered in blood) and says that it is her's. Now we all know Lettie Mae has never really done anything for us to trust her character, but surely she wouldn't lie about the death of her own child would she?

The show goes on to an aggravated Sookie who has to deal with hearing the thoughts of her fellow towns people, and not one of them is exactly PG13. People feel as if she is to blame for the chaos taking place in Bon Temp. My personal opinion is that the vamps were there to begin with! I see no way that this all could be her fault.

Arlene and the others are being held captive in the basement of Fangtasia awaiting their fate!

Sam is mayor now, and is trying to take control of the situation, but is confronted by his former opposing mayoral candidate runner, who is outraged and confused from seeing Sam (as a dog) turn into a human before his eye's! (And honestly I was under the impression that the town knew of his ability. So I seen no real purpose in that situation.)

You also get to see Jason and Violet SO sexually frustrated that they have a spat of sorts, and have to stop the car and...Well, lets just say "get the deed done."

Jessica is protecting Adilyn. Tired and hungry Jessica is forced to stand guard when a hep v vampire smells Adilyn's blood. As day light approaches Adilyn invited Jessica in so that she can find refuge in the attic away from the sun right at the last second! The hep v vampire, of course, bursts into flames on the outside of the door.

Pam who is on the search for her maker, Eric, is forced into a game of Russian Roulette! She wins and progresses forward to find further answers as to what has become of her maker.

Lafayette is accompanied home with vampire James (who at the moment is Jessica's boyfriend). There they share a little herbal intake and a bit of conversation that lets us get to know James' back story a little more.

Willa, alone with no maker and no family, takes refuge at Lettie Mae's and Reverend Daniels' home (well, the garage anyway.) I feel extremely saddened by Willa's current situation and hope to see a happy progression for her.

Later the towns people meet at the local church to discuss further actions that need to be taken. Sookie and Alcide show up and Lettie Mae lets Sookie know she is not welcome in the house of God! Sookie hears the peoples thoughts of accusations and hate as she is walking out. She gives a brief speech admitting that she has a part to play in all that has taken place. The show ends with Sookie pleading to the people to let her help.

My burning questions are:

1. Who is leading the hep v vampires? Surely someone has control since they left at the sound of a whistle.

2. Why, when Pam was given info as to where Eric was, did she not believe?

3. If Tara is really dead, Why didn't we see that on screen, and Why didn't Pam react like in previous seasons when a maker feels their progeny dies?

4. Can Jessica really be trusted in the home with Adilyn? What will happen when Andy finds out?

My assumptions:

(they're going to seem a little far fetched, but I can't help but to wonder)

1. Is it possible Ginger is the new big bad? My reasoning is that in the preview she talks like she is someone with power and the vamps are holding out at Fangtasia maybe its coincidence, maybe not!

2. I don't believe Tara is dead. I believe maybe she was infected and maybe Lettie Mae is covering for her. Maybe the blood on Lettie was in fact the vampire that Tara was fighting.

3. Sookie isn't in love with Alcide and in fact still infatuated with her first love, Bill. However, I do believe that in the end Sookie will end up alone by her own choice.

4. I feel as though not everyone is going to make it out alive. I'm assuming Arlene, Andy, Alcide,and Lala wont make it to the end.

5. Don't hate me for saying this, but it is the last season and I feel as though Pam and Eric are going to share one more emotional scene. Unfortunately, I think it will be shared as one of them is dying.

Of course I would love to cover every little detail, but I know some have yet to enjoy Episode 1 and don't want me to give it all away.

All in all I would have to say that True Blood is off to a great start and the final season looks to be something you don't want to miss!!!

So tell us what you think of episode 1 "Jesus Gonna Be Here" and let us know!!!

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Have a fangtastic night Truebies! Don't let the vampires bite! (to hard)


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