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Scott Derrickson is a very busy man. The Sinister director is about to release his new horror film Deliver Us From Evil in theaters, and he recently signed on as director of Doctor Strange and The Outer Limits. Now it seems as though Derrickson has been talking and recruiting some potential cast members for awhile now, which makes complete sense since Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige announced they plan on casting next month.

Edgar Ramirez was recently interviewed about the movie Deliver Us From Evil which was under direction of Derrickson, and was asked if Scott had talked to him about playing a role in Doctor Strange. All Ramirez had to say was:

We're talking. We've been talking.

Derrickson has been involved and undercover with Marvel Studios for a few months now according to sources, and its likely that pre-planning with Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige has been going on for much longer than we thought.

In all honesty, looking at Ramirez now, he doesn't strike me as a [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) but he does strike me as a Baron Mordo: Doctor Strange's major nemesis. Could he have just leaked his potential role as the film's villain?

What do you think?


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