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With the hinted new series (most likely on CN's DC Nation) Batman Unlimited, I had an idea for another installment to the animated TV universe. With the cancellation of Young Justice which was a fantastic show all throughout, Green Lantern: The Animated Series which was pretty bad, and Beware The Batman which was unwatchable, Batman Unlimited seems to be combining Batman: The Brave and The Bold with The Batman.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold / The Batman
Batman: The Brave and The Bold / The Batman
Batman Unlimited
Batman Unlimited

Though Batman in this picture looks like something of an early 2000's WB cartoon, it could be an old-fashioned, yet modern-action animated movie like JL: Doom, JL: War, Flashpoint, Red Hood, etc. But this looks nothing like the Batman we got in JL: War, the new timeline origin story for the animated universe. It is pretty difficult to speculate just what this upcoming Batman project will end up being exactly, but all I can say is I'm excited, until of course it is proved to be one of the many kids' cartoons made after 2008 that are terrible (all except YJ).

So without further ado, my idea for a "Speed Force" cartoon:

"The Speed Force"

With the same animation used for Young Justice, The Speed Force, other than The Flash CW show (which for reasons of my own I am not excited for), will introduce kids to one of the funnest superheroes created to date, The Flash! But not just Jay Garrick. Not just Barry Allen. Not just Wally West. Not just Bart Allen. No, all of them!

#1: Two, Three Parters!

Just like the Justice League cartoon {on IMDb and Netflix} (not Unlimited), there could be story lines that last multiple episodes, especially the origin for all the characters, teaming up, meeting, receiving powers, becoming one with the speed force, time travel (that calls for some awesome story lines!), teaming with the Justice League, new villains from the New 52 like The Rogues and Inertia and Zoom/Black Flash and . . . GORILLA GRODD! My fav villain of my fav hero!

#2: Think of the Action!

Stuff like this is bound to happen in every episode! Conflict, death, loss, and speed! The Flashes definitely have their history with death. (wink, wink Crisis on Infinite Earths)! This would make for some awesome and riveting stories!

#3: The Flash(es) is(/are) the perfect character(s) to display in animation!

Super Friends, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Justice League: Doom, Justice League: War, Justice League: Adventures Trapped in Time, etc.

What did I look forward to seeing in these animated movies/cartoon shows? Why, The Flash, of course! And not just because he (Barry Allen (and Wally West) is my all-time favorite superhero, but because he is such a cool, fun, funny character. He's got awesome powers, so you know you can count on him for some some cool, giant tornado are lightning-ride time travel on the Cosmic Treadmill. And think about seeing ALL of that, ALL the time! All the Flashes put together in the pure living energy source/dimension to fight off all the speeding evil!


I think I've made my point on why this cartoon would be awesome.

Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed, announced, or even considered as far as I know. But how great would it be?! Tell me what you think about this idea. Do you like it? Why. Do you hate it? Why?! Tell in the comments. Thanks for reading! Bye! -Sam


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