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Disney's Pixar are a a genius! Up is an amazing animation and so beautifully told. The story is about a 78 years old elderly widower Carl Fredricksen who made a promise to his wife to fulfil a life long dream he had since he was a little boy. At the same time the Government wants to demolish his house in the area he lives in and ask him to move into a nursing/ retirement home. Carl doesn't want to leave his house as it reminds him so much of Ellie his late wife. Carl decides to attach 100's and 100's of balloon's to his house and fly his house to South America to see the wilds. In the meantime Russell a 8 year old wilderness explorer was on his porch when his house set off to explore.

I really enjoy this story and love watching this film over and over again. The beginning of the film at first is sad as Ellie passes away. But wants you meet Russell, Dug and the Bird in the film you will love it.

Carl, Russell , Dug and the Bird
Carl, Russell , Dug and the Bird

The creativity and skills that went into this film is amazing, recently a lot of Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks animations reference stories and ideas which adults understand but that doesn't mean a child won't understand either. However in many ways that's not a bad thing because your never to old for animations/cartoons and sometimes it's good to have an animation (film) that can be referenced to real adult life.

A highly recommend film, please watch it if you haven't already. Up will blow you away and put a smile on your face :)

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