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Known so eloquently as "franchise Viagra", the Rock has already muscled himself into a few movie roles and invigorated them with s̶t̶e̶r̶o̶i̶d̶s̶ new life... But could the 6 foot 5 demigod be able to pull off laying the smackdown in The Hunger Games?

Certainly not one to shy away from social media, the Rock's been busy on his massively-populated Facebook page, teasing fans with more exclusive snaps.

Here's one that's really got us thinking:

So, Dwayne fancies himself as part of a televised fight to the death, does he? Just don't eat the berries, Rock. Just don't eat the berries.

Not that the Hunger Games needs it, but the semi-retired pro wrestler has made a habit of coming in late to an already established franchise, and then helping that movie just sit back and watch the cash pile up. Because of that skill, we thought of some other sinking franchises that could use The Rock's sweet smell of sweat and pure testosterone. These stills of the beefcake muscling into some of our favorites should help you visualiiiiiiize...


Resident Evil


Magic Mike




Paranormal Activity





Which franchise do YOU want The Rock to save?


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