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Got your salt to hand? Because you're going to need to take a hefty pinch of it.

According to British tabloid, The Sun, [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) and Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise could be up for a cameo role in J.J. Abrams' upcoming [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158). What's the basis of this claim? Well, apparently Abrams and Cruise were seen having dinner together in London. Obviously, this got the internet overexcited and now many sites are claiming the 51 year-old action star is 'in talks' for a cameo role - simple based on the fact he was seen talking to Abrams - who has been a pal of Cruise ever since directing him in Mission: Impossible III.

A source for The Sun, explained:

Tom has been in London for over a week and met up with JJ and some other people from Star Wars at the weekend. On Saturday evening five of them met up for dinner and drinks at the Belgravia Hotel. JJ produced M:I5 and loves working with Tom whenever he gets the chance.

The source even suggested that Harrison Ford's recent injury could in fact be the impetus for this cameo decision, it continued:

[Harrison Ford's injury] is going to set things back a little scheduling wise and there's some time to play around with.

Of course, there is not yet any solid confirmation that his injury will set back the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Now, in the interest of good ol' fashioned geeky fun, let's engage in some speculation about what kind of cameo Tom Cruise could be partaking in.

Mos Eisley Barman

Now, with the Mos Eisley Cantina allowing patrons to discharge firearms and amputate limps on a whim, I can imagine they get through there fair share of bar staff. With this in mind, I'd quite like to see Cruise behind the counter and keeping watch over the rowdy clientele. Any scene set in the Cantina is always going to be a bit of a fun nostalgic nod to the fans, so adding a cameo here makes perfect sense. It might even give Cruise a chance to stretch those underused comic muscles. How about a bar fight involving Cruise to the tune of the Cantina band? That I'd like to see.

X-Wing Pilot

With most of the X-Wing pilots from Luke's glory years now probably sipping retirement martini's on a peaceful shore in Naboo, I think we're going to need a new Red Team. Bearing in mind Cruise's Top Gun past, I think it would be quite fun to see Cruise's face pop up in a classic Star Wars X-Wing space battle. I'm not sure if aviator sunglasses are canon in the Star Wars universe, but maybe he can bring them along too.


The most iconic characters of the original Star Wars Trilogy are no doubt the Stormtroopers - which is pretty impressive considering they are the faceless, personality-less foot soldiers of the Empire. Now, it's not clear if the Stormtroopers have even made it into Abrams new Trilogy - the Empire has kind of dismantled after all - but seeing Cruise as one of the white-armor-clad troops would be interesting. In fact, it could be quite funny if he never actually removes his helmet, then his cameo would simply go down as an awesome piece of Star Wars trivia: Abrams had the biggest actor in Hollywood, and didn't even bother to show his face.

Unscrupulous Alien Businessman

Tom Cruise has played some unscrupulous business players in his time, from Rain Man's Charlie Babbitt to Jerry Maguire's, well, Jerry Maguire. For some reason, Cruise can just do it perfectly. In Tropic Thunder, he combined this ball-busting business attitude with a rather amazing physical transformation, and this is a career path he could take even further in the Star Wars Universe. Get Industrial Light and Magic to stick even more prosthetic on his face and hey-presto, you've got a great Tom Cruise cameo. He can even be named Xenu if he likes.

Sith Lord

Let's face it, if Cruise was going to be a Jedi or a Sith, I think he'd be a Sith. I know he kind of always plays the good guy (with the exceptions above) but there's just something about him which has that 'Sithy' quality - maybe it's because he's always wearing black. Of course, a cameo would mean we probably don't get to see him dance around with a red lightsaber, but we could see him under a hood at some kind of nefarious Sith meeting. Oh yeah, he can also shoot lightening out of his hands:

What kind of Star Wars character would you like to see Tom Cruise cameo as?


Which cameo would you most like to see Tom Cruise in?

Source: The Sun


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