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The upcoming Eric Bana movie [Deliver Us From Evil](movie:739915) follows an NYPD cop turned demonologist, Ralph Sarchie.

But what you might not be aware of is that Ralph Sarchie is in fact a real person - and demonologist. We've managed to find a short video interview featuring Sarchie, where he talks about the events of his life that inspire the film.

First of all, be aware that there is an Actual Exorcism In This Footage!

Check out the video and breakdown of key moments below:

01:15 We, The Audience, Are Exposing The Devil

By the fact that we are watching, and therefore supporting this film, we are a part of exposing the Devil.

01:37 The Picture Frame

Ralph's daughter, by association, has experienced some otherworldly happenings in their house, such as moving picture frames.

06:19 God Left Him Here... to do Something

Ralph's mother attributes his 'gifts' to the fact that he almost died when he was 10 months old.

09:45 "Something happened"

During one of Ralph's Exorcisms, the people that he is helping hear a scream from the demon and his partner hears the scratches of the spirit.

10:45 Footage: A Real Exorcism

Ralph shows us footage from one of his original possessions in the presence of a priest as they try and exorcise the demon from this woman.

12:17 The Demon is Present

Ralph says that despite of all the criminals he has battled and all the bad people he has met as a police officer, nothing compares to the look he sees in the eyes of the possessed.


Source: InsideMovies

Image: GoresTruely


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