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It has long been speculated by certain journalists that Kristen Stewart can't take a joke, but when it is one as tasteless as the one in question, we aren't surprised KStew is furious enough to sue...

In a video released by TMZ, Rivers can been seen speaking to photographers about how she is now being sued by Kristen, but that it is all a misunderstanding thanks to Stewart's own stupidity. Meow! Talk about a double dig!

Rivers says that Stewart clearly didn't read the description that clearly explained that Diary of a Mad Diva was a comedy book, and hints that the [Clouds of Sils Maria](movie:902082) has absolutely zero sense of humor. She also goes on to go as far as to imply that Kristen Stewart is a fool, by saying that;

If you're going to take it seriously (the book) then you're a fool

The offensive line in question is clearly a little too close to Kristen Stewart's personal life and the 'momentary indiscretion' she had with director Rupert Sanders that has haunted the young actress for years.

86-year-old Joan Rivers wrote that;

Many stars only do one thing well. Of course, the best one-trick-pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle a director's balls

You've gotta hand it to Rivers, she is a true master at being offensive. In just 2 lines she has managed to desecrate KStew's entire career by reducing the hard working young lady into a meaningless sex object.

You can't blame Rivers though, feminism didn't even exist when she was born...


Do you think suing Joan Rivers is a good idea?

(Source: Christian Post via TMZ)

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