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If the zombie apocalypse kicks off you'll find me in the Winchester. @moremattcarter
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If you're wondering how to fill the Walking Dead-shaped hole in your life this summer, help is at hand: The Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray is arriving August 26.

The five-disc box set contains all the episodes from Season 4 plus a slew of bonus features including never-before-seen production footage, deleted scenes and audio commentaries.

If that's not enough zombie for your buck, you can also get your hands on this super-cool collectors edition box set, featuring everyone's favorite moss-don't-grow-on-a-rolling-stone walker.

He's an attractive fellow
He's an attractive fellow

The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season is available for pre-order via the official The Walking Dead website and will set you back $79.99 for the Blu-ray, $69.99 for the DVD box set and a cool $129.99 for the tree dude above.

They might as well take my money off me now cos' I'm definitely getting a slice of this [The Walking Dead](series:201193) action.


Will you be buying Season 4?


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