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Shanghai director Wong Kar Wai began his career with a decade of late-night humidity, florescent lighting and noir romance, but regrettably, he hasn't had the smoothest ride since. He began the 2000's with In The Mood For Love, a masterpiece no doubt, but since then he has had to suffer a bumpy sort of ride.

His neo-noir 2046, his English language debut My Blueberry Nights and his dream project The Grandmaster all seemed to buckle under their weighty ambitions, but now it seems that a return to all that brooding low key romance could yet be on the cards.

Film Business Asia have revealed that the director is set to adapt a short story from Jiajia Zhang's 38 strong collection I Belong to You. The film is titled The Ferryman and it focuses on an affair between a girl and an older, married artist in Changchun.

Potentially light on dialogue? Presumably heavy on illicit affairs? It could be a return to form indeed.

Needless to say, we're in.

The Ferryman is set to shoot "soon" and we'll be sure to keep you posted throughout.

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