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Kit Simpson Browne

It's almost as though getting Ewan McGregor to star in your film isn't enough anymore.

Don Cheadle may not have acquired full funding for Miles Ahead, his upcoming adaptation of a few (incredibly exciting sounding) days in the life of music legend Miles Davis - but he's already managed to persuade yet another star to join the project: Keith Stanfield has joined Ewan McGregor on the project.

Fresh from the acclaimed Short Term 12 and Selma, Stanfield is set to play "an edgy but impressionable trumpet player" who gets involved in a heist organized by Davis (Cheadle) and a Rolling Stone journalist (McGregor). The hook - they're stealing Davis' own music back.

Cheadle - who will make his directorial debut - has set up an Indiegogo campaign to finance the film's principal photography - which has so far raised half of its $325,000 target. With just over two weeks to go - now's the time to get involved if you can't stand the thought of Miles Davis' story going untold.

[Miles Ahead](movie:14856) currently has no release date - mainly because they haven't finished financing it yet.


What do you guys think? How many stars would Miles Ahead need for you to go see it?



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