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"Let It Go", the monolithic ballad from Disney's Frozen, has been all over the interwebz since winning the Best Original Song Oscar in March. It's been mashed up with Game of Thrones, re-done sacrilegiously by hoards of weird YouTube users, and covered by the likes of Demi Lovato, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

And now, it turns out that the Disney musical was touching enough to thaw even the hearts of 90s grunge rockers Pearl Jam!

For a magnificent 40 seconds in time, the band - while on tour in Italy - put their own spin on the track, launching into the chorus in the midst of their set. Take a look at this and see for yourselves:

Serious cover? I'm not entirely sure, but lead singer Eddie Vegger tagged "Let It Go" to the end of "Daughter". Any father that pays any attention to their lives of their young daughters know this song inside and out. So, I'm giving Pearl Jam the benefit of the doubt and saying they didn't just cover a song to mock it...

No word yet if the band survived the performance before the audience inevitably revolted.


Which version of "Let It Go" d'you prefer?

(Source: YouTube)


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